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Do I Move You

When I act like there’s a gold mine between my thighs, does it annoy you? If I should place my hands right here, would it make you shiver? 322 more words


How would someone else do it?

The little man turns around and
sees a vendor with a script in
front of him, the vendor tells the
man to keep walking and then to… 119 more words

POPCORN, the PHB magazine: issue #23 out now!

Hey Poptropicans – a couple of months ago, we announced the return of The POPCORN, also known as our Poptropica fan magazines made by fans, for fans. 276 more words


The First OB Appointment

Saturday was over. Sliding into Sunday (we didn’t leave the emergency room until about 1:30) we were still in shock. I think K and I had a combined 10 minutes of sleep that night. 668 more words


The What

The Notorious BIG had only one feature on his debut album “Ready To Die” and that was none other then Method Man and he killed it with this memorable verse….”The What”…..

Hip Hop

Taemin and Jonghyun interview for Dazed

Ask somebody not from South Korea to describe K-pop and you’re likely to hear something about technicolor visuals, choreography as coordinated as ballet, or wildly adventurous hit songs. 1,399 more words