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Vater Wilhelms Rundbrief

Hier auf Welbedacht und in der ganzen Gegend freuen wir uns über, und sind herzlich dankbar für guten, durchdringenden Regen, 112 mm hier auf Welbedacht. Hier hat es im Januar und Februar immer etwas geregnet, dass Soja gesät werden konnte. 905 more words

How do You Know what is True? And, Source Field Investigations with David Wilcock

In a dream long ago, I became keenly aware of the ethereal guides that I have with me in this lifetime. Spirit guides. Ones who many of us cannot see in the physical form in our dimension. 960 more words


Η απάτη για τους 'απόγονους' Χριστού - Μαγδαληνής


Η ιδέα ότι η Μαρία Μαγδαληνή είναι η μοναδική γυναίκα απόστολος που έχει γράψει δικό της Ευαγγέλιο είναι παλιά και φτάνει μέχρι την αρχαιότητα. 13 more words


Resurrection Letters



Chilled to the bone,

you sit in the early morning

your body and soul as cold as the stone tomb opposite

waiting for a warmth you fear… 856 more words


The Chalice of Love

Easter March 27, 2016

The Christ story; The Magdalene story; their story; forever united in unimaginable heartbreak and incredible divine love. We resurrect ourselves through the heart and soul of their story, for it is our story, alive in our hearts. 293 more words


Meera and Magdalene: Tales of Devotion

Mary Magdalene was a woman scorned
Labeled a whore but was really a saint
Loving her Lord till death and far beyond
Loved by her Lord more than all else around… 271 more words