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A Mag!cal D!stro called Mage!a

Ever since I got hooked on to Linux, I have noticed that Mageia Linux distribution (https://www.mageia.org/en/) was always listed among the top 10 distros on the Distrowatch website ( 382 more words


Mageia 6 Dev1

The first thing I noticed was it was not a live CD, it booted right into the installer. This is fine but with an over 4GB ISO I expected a live session. 97 more words


Time to Repartition the Hard Drive? (Maybe not...)

Figure 1: Attribution: Mageia 5 Installer Documentation – Partitioning with DrakX (http://doc.mageia.org/installer/5/en/content/doPartitionDisks.html)

It’s been a hairy few weeks. Looking at my WordPress folder on my laptop I see my last post was back in the middle of March! 1,246 more words


Fosdem is here again !

In addition to next week event participation for HPE in Cannes, I’ll be at Fosdem the coming week-end in Brussels. And I’m so happy to be able to be there again, as it has been… 253 more words


Project-Builder.org 0.12.7 is out and 0.13.1 will be there soon

I’ve published the latest version of project-builder.org, 0.12.7, earlier this year to add support around the latest distributions published (SLES 12 and also Mageia 3 & 4 chroots) and fix a checkssh bug. 17,684 more words


Back to RMLL 5 years after !

I like that event which is organized by different teams each year and gather thousands of enthusiasts during one week in one city to celebrate Open Source and Free Software. 197 more words