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Send custom email into Mail Chimp List Programmatically in magento

If you have custom collection and you wish to send it into mailchimp , Below if code that help you.

       $defaultList = Mage::getStoreConfig(Ebizmarts_MageMonkey_Model_Config::GENERAL_LIST, 1);
       $mergeVars = array(
                            'EMAIL' => 'santoshmeets@gmail.com',
                            'FNAME' => 'Santosh',
                            'LNAME' => 'Yadav',
                            'CGROUP' => 'General'
         Mage::getSingleton('monkey/api')->listSubscribe($listId, $email, $mergeVars, 'html', false, TRUE);
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Benefits of ERP System

  • ERP can improve quality and efficiency of the business. By keeping a company’s internal business processes running smoothly, ERP can lead to better outputs that may benefit the company, such as in customer service and manufacturing.
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Expand Your Business with The Help of Best Magento Development Company in UK

A Magento development company in UK can offer a range of services from Magento extension development to Magento theme development which can work well for every aspiring ecommerce store owner looking to make it big in this industry.


How Create a Custom Conversion Tracking Script

In some scenarios, an agency, advertiser, or other third party might decide to track impressions with a tracking pixel. A tracking pixel is simply code inserted into a custom or third-party creative that makes a server call and returns a transparent 1×1 image (normally a GIF file). 241 more words


Cannot complete this operation from non-admin area.” error in Magento

Below is code to give permission for operation

Mage::register(‘isSecureArea’, true);
/* code for your operation */


how to select customer group on registration in magento

 <group_id><create>1</create></group_id> code into the customer account fieldset.

Before adding code:


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Advantages of ERP system

The fundamental advantage of ERP is that integrated myriad businesses processes saves time and expense. Management can make decisions faster and with fewer errors. Data becomes visible across the organization. 134 more words