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Maggi: The Noodles We All Loved

How did Maggi take over our lives and become such a preferred “anytime snack”? This can probably be attributed to the fact that Maggi is one of those brands that gets you when you are really young, and more or less stays in your kitchen cabinet for the rest of your life, since your kids would go through the same thing, at a different time in your life of course. 1,176 more words

'Scientific' untruths!

The recent controversy surrounding Nestle’s Maggi noodles exposes how science can be misused to arrive at conclusions one likes. For one thing, the tests for lead were done at a non-accredited laboratory meaning that the tests were conducted by unqualified chemists who did not follow test protocol. 614 more words

Marketing Gimmicks

Maggi might make a comeback soon

It seems Nestle India is preparing to re-launch Maggi noodles and is shaking up its executives for the same.

In one such huge re-jig, Suresh Narayanan will replace Etienne Bennet as India MD as Benet will be relocating to Switzerland, Nestle India’s head office. 244 more words


Maggi Alternative #1: Oats Chilla

Maggi has been an integral part of our lives since we were kids. It was our favorite evening snack as kids, midnight snack during adolescence and savior in hostel. 113 more words

Things To Have

Instant Satisfaction (Ramen)

Ever craved for some yummy ramen but it’s not a good time to head out to Ichiran Ramen or some other good ramen restaurants? Have no fear, instant ramen is here. 64 more words


dachshund puppy

dachshund puppy
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For commercial use pls Make sure reading the license of this photo file… 27 more words

MAAGI 2015

I had a such a good time at MAAGI (Midwest African American Genealogy Institute) in St. Louis last week. I learned so much in just three day, from organizing my work to the importance on creating an ancestral timeline to learning more about DNA and Genealogy. 113 more words