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6 Top Indian Unhealthy Breakfasts

I know… I know… its been long that anything has featured from cookalittlehealth.com. My apologies! I have been away for a while from my core … blogging! 585 more words

My first Maggi Story.

 I made Maggi today. That is not a surprise.I do Maggi whenever I feel lazy, whenever I dont find anything else in the kitchen, whenever I want something spicy to eat. 739 more words


Market Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning enable producers to avoid head- on competition in the marketplace by differentiating their offerings on the basis of such features such as price, styling, packaging, promotional appeal, method of distribution and level of service. 294 more words

Green Tea Fanatics

Hey, everyone!  We finally explored a little part from East Delhi, which was kind of different location than usual. It’s the Green tea fanatics, in the Vardhaman sunrise plaza, Vasundhara enclave. 253 more words


Maggi Hot Heads Review

So finally the wait is over. I came up with the review of Maggi Hot Heads.

I felt very sad when Maggi was out from the market with some reasons. 244 more words

C & C Maggi with a Twist

Maggi has been the staple food for every young Indian living in a hostel or at home! one of the favourite breakfast options for kids and adults alike, since the time it was launched in 80’s, in India. 344 more words

Hyderabudget taste test: Patanjali taste test.

So, I thought that I’d try the  Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Noodles. These Noodles have been pretty popular and is probably one of the highest sold food items owned by Patanjali. 270 more words