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Maggi Noodles Miniature

मैं aur मेरी Maggi…😍😍😍

कभी कभी मेरे दिल में ख्याल आता हैं की अगर तुम ना होते तो मेरा seriously क्या होता???

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Maggi : Which is your Favourite Combination?

For everyone in college, Maggi is the best, quickest, hunger fix. IF you stay in a hostel, the importance of maggi cannot be overstated. Over the years many kind souls from various parts of India have begun embellishing the basic Maggi recipe with various other ingredients to make it yum. 199 more words


Maggi Hot Cup Kari Kick

Sama seperti megi sup ayam, rasanya sedikit tawar. Mungkin disebabkan air yang terlebih menyebabkan rasa kurang pekat.

Karinya pedas dicampur pula dengan sayur rangup segera. Memang kena.



#CookandChomp Maggi with a twist

Maggi is the two minute snack that all of us go back to no matter what. The most readily available meal is maggi and the sole cheap chomp that satiates both your soul and hunger in times of need. 88 more words


#Event: Ain't No Party Like A Jollof Party|| Eat Drink Lagos + Kitchen Butterfly's Jollof Festival

Hellurr guys!

Happy World Jollof Rice day!

In commemoration of this day, I’ll be sharing a jollof rice adventure I had recently!


Sunday started incredibly hungry but didn’t end that way. 319 more words


Burnt Garlic Masala Maggi

The moment you think of maggi it brings so many memories in your mind. Since ages maggi has been the savior food and will always be. 267 more words


Der Frühling

Welch ein Geruch in der Luft

Liebstöckel in voller Blüte

Oh du süßer Maggi Duft

Erfüllst mein Herz mit Güte