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Welcome back Maggi

Dear Maggi

We are ecstatic that you are back. We were so deliriously happy that you were back in the market that we ordered 5 mega packs from our local kirana. 600 more words

Maggi Crisis And Its e-Commerce Strategy In India

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As soon as the news of the relaunch of Nestle product, Maggi in the Indian market spread on November 9, 2015, a rush in fans of Maggi to get a share was observed. 289 more words

Industry News

Maggi is Back!

Much-loved Maggi came back with a bang (literally!) as it was re-released in India on the day of Diwali. Social media was abuzz with those professing their love for the instant food, completely unfazed by the controversies it was in months ago. 272 more words

Ριζότο για 2...

Τις προάλλες λοιπόν ήρθε από το Φάληρο η φίλη μου η Ν.
Αφού κάναμε μια μια μεγάλη βόλτα στην θάλασσα, και ήπιαμε και τις μπυρίτσες μας, γυρίσαμε σπίτι πεινασμένες.



In sheer adversity lies an opportunity. You have to be as humble as resilient to see light at the end of the tunnel. A few weeks ago this house hold brand was struggling to destroy its product to stay above board. 108 more words

Rebuilding brands: the Maggi Volkswagen story 

The legend in brand design, Walter Landor, once said, “Products are created in the factory but brands are created in the mind”. He forgot to add a disclaimer — when products lose their integrity, the mind flutters, and the brand loses its credibility. 723 more words


Maggi fallout was a result of Communication breakdown with the government: Nestle India CEO.

In  an exclusive interview to Business Insider the newly appointed CEO of FMCG giant Nestle said that the Maggi fiasco was the result of communication breakout between the Indian government and Nestle India. 358 more words