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Let's Twist Again


Many magicians do balloon twisting as well, but I never considered it an art. However, after speaking with my balloon twister/magician friend David, I learned I was very much mistaken. 71 more words


Sleight of Hand with Mahdi Gilbert


When would-be magicians first start out learning sleight of hand as applied to cards, they often worry that their hands are too small to do the dirty work. 39 more words


Review – The Burlesque Show, Royal and Derngate, Northampton, 14th January 2017

Once again, the Ministry of Burlesque have trundled into town bringing their collection of stunning costumes, jugglers balls, magic tricks and nipple tassels. We’ve been coming every year since 2011 and it’s always a sheer delight. 969 more words

Chris Sparkle

French Cocktails with David Stone


David Stone is a French magician with an irrepressible sense of mischievous humor and a wonderful command of misdirection. Here he is performing in English for a group of English-speaking magicians. 19 more words


The reality of omens

When looking for omens in the world around us, it is necessary to consider how reality works in the first place. One of the things I have rejected outright is that other autonomous beings could show up in my life as messages from spirit – because the idea that a hare, a sparrowhawk, or some other attention grabbing thing could have its day messed about purely to try and give me a sign, is profoundly uncomfortable to me. 341 more words


bad girls and crimson lads

Astrology can be a very rewarding study, as it deals in a psychological language that subjectively correlates with our inner and outer lives. It does this in a way which is not rationally explainable, but due to its potency it seems to dig down into Nature. 901 more words


A Few More Facts About Myself

For my new readers, I want to introduce myself. I’m Jasmine a college student who is majoring in education.  My dream is to become and English/Literature teacher, teaching students anywhere from middle school to college. 293 more words

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