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Art-venture 9/27/16

Beginning phases of a commission. Mama and teeny baby fairy!

A bit of progress on the crystal fairy.


The Connection Between Shamanism & Quantum Physics – Collective Evolution

A great article from the Collective Evolution team- link and introduction are below.

What is refreshing to see is that others are also able to find the links between ancient shamanism and the modern understanding of science.   118 more words


Magical, Revelations Get Expressed-Sep27

Snapshot: Around noon on Tuesday we can expect to have some revelations pouring through and we may speak them out before we even realize it. Or they could come to us from someone else. 517 more words


Meal Ticket


Some more no-camera-tricks magic nonsense.


My Art-venture 9/24/16

It always starts with a sketch…

Then some color is added. I ADORE fairy wings. They’re so much fun to paint. It’s interesting to me though because I don’t think that they’re ever to scale. 132 more words



A duppy is a spirit, usually evil, from Caribbean folklore. Like a lot of spirits from folklore, they’re somewhat ill-defined. Some traditions say that every person has two spirits within them: one that’s good and flits off to the afterlife at the point of death, and one that’s evil (or at least troublesome) that hangs around on earth to do mischief. 363 more words


The Desire for Nothing Else But

Dusk is falling:
pied skies, lingering clouds;
the forest is awakening:
dancing stalks, whispering trees;
look, the birds are soaring;
listen, two hearts are singing; 24 more words