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The Minimalist


Magician Al Schneider demonstrates how little he needs to do in order to fool the crap out of most everyone.

More here: Al Schneider


Out of Sorts: A Simple Way To Achieve Card Regularity


Here’s a first world problem: You have a shuffled deck of cards, and you want to restore the deck to New Deck Order or some other pre-determined stack arrangement. 222 more words


Demonic Tongue: Barry and Stuart


Razor blades and dental floss down the throat, what could possibly go wrong?

Barry and Stuart, the Scottish Penn and Teller (they probably hate that), with their unique take on this magic classic. 10 more words


Laser Magic: Jason Latimer


Magician Jason Latimer gained fame with a clear glass cups and balls routine. Here he presents a remarkably innovative and magical routine using beams of light that seem to bend the laws of physics.

More Latimer at Jason Latimer


Giving the Devil His Due: Details of Deception


The Devil is back, and the Devil is all in the details.

The Devil, in the guise of card man Greg Chapman, has returned with a new volume of mischievous pasteboard knowledge, … 864 more words


the magick mirror of Yesod

I think this should tie up the loose ends of the recent series of posts and videos on magick, Qabalah and occult Satanism*.

I have always (as in going back almost 40 years) found the sephira of Yesod both fascinating and key. 1,200 more words



Everything is an oracle, because I’m in Norway again.

As soon as I crossed the border, I felt the magic of Norway infusing my breath. 603 more words