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Rudy's Koan Du Jour

Today I have achieved everything because I have achieved nothing!

Take a little time for yourself each day. Learn to meditate and transcend, be well rested, be happy and start your day with a smile!


Science Of Reality

Religion and Magic?

Over the last few weeks, some blog posts have been appearing, mainly from GD family magicians, that attempt to address the issue of religion and the magician. 2,697 more words


Mermaid painting

I love the way that paint looks when it’s swirled around.

Blocking in a mermaid tail. I always try to make it “choppy”. It helps establish texture. 14 more words


Fan submits video of magic trick for Peter Paxx

This week, Malte from IG: @royal_cardmagic submitted this video of a cool card trick. Please show your love and support by visiting his Instagram and check out his other videos too! 66 more words



I get up in the morning and before coffee I find myself sweeping the floors. ‘Too much sand,’ I tell myself, while also practicing the fine art of acceptance. 1,130 more words


The curious magic of childhood fear

If you breathe very quietly, they won’t hear you, and you will be safe. It is essential that you keep your eyes shut because even though you know this doesn’t work in other circumstances, if you can’t see them, they can’t see you. 194 more words


The World I Choose - Undoing the Lie

On January 13, 1965, I was born into this world. (Actually, I was dragged in by my left foot, kicking and screaming.)  At 52 years of age, I clearly remember everything I knew as truth before coming into this world.  829 more words

Authentic Freedom