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The Blood of Isis by Deanne Quarrie

Over the years I have seen the image of the amulet called the Knot of Isis but in all honesty, never paid it much attention. I am on the organizing committee for our annual Goddess Festival here in Austin this year and we have chosen Isis as our Goddess to honor. 1,189 more words


Rituals for Pirates. Also, grenades.

“This one has more scars… more fights.” (nods towards the other) “You’ve got a better chance against this one.” — Captain Flint, “Black Sails”, season 2, episode 1… 486 more words


A Witch's Life

Gwenda’s life of witchcraft was not all she had hoped.

It was a glamorous enough life. You could make yourself into anything you wanted: beautiful or ugly, kindly or evil. 371 more words

Short Story

Caladium under the Italian pine

There’s a spot in the garden just outside the bedroom window that changes so much throughout the year. A place where Hummingbirds dart and swirl like fairies. 14 more words


The Edinburgh Fringe One-Weeker 2016 – The Naked Magicians, 23rd August 2016

One of our criteria for deciding which of the thousands of shows at the Edinburgh Fringe should be the ones that we choose to see, is that we should see shows that we’re not normally going to see back in good old Northampton. 369 more words

Chris Sparkle

Rituals For Pirates: "Keep Your Powder Dry"

Keep Your Powder Dry

Spell Effects: Lesser Control Matter

Inherent Modifiers: Bestows a Bonus, to offset Malf. penalties for wet conditions

Greater Effects: 0 (×1) 78 more words


Pigeon magic

I’m interested in re-enchantment – for me, I assume the world is plenty enchanted enough and that I’m just not always good at seeing it. Some things make it easy to feel awe, gratitude and enchantment – a fabulous sunset, a bat skimming low over your head, a close encounter with a fox. 337 more words