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Intertidal Magic

My friend, Melodye Shore, is quite the Renaissance woman… a gifted writer, an amazing photographer, a friend to bees, hummingbird ‘whisperer’, and now a budding expert on the intertidal zone, tidal pools and their amazing inhabitants. 134 more words

Isis Excerpt

As I move I feel I am a tree filled with chattering sparrows, then a dandelion seed floating in the wind. I am rooted, then uplifted, feather, moss, then stone.

254 more words

Close up Magic, Steven Carlson

As a sleight of hand artist, or close-up magician, I occasionally get to perform at really fun venues. Such was the case last month in Minneapolis, MN at The Theater in the Round. 91 more words


Puff the Magic Dragon & the Loss of Magic by Susan Morgaine

Did you believe in magic?

Did you once believe in fairies, leprechauns and and flying dragons? Did you believe that if you climbed a tree to the uppermost branches, you could touch the sky? 703 more words


Magic Royalty: Ricky Jay and Fred Kaps


Here’s some unusual footage of magician Ricky Jay when he was young, which I hadn’t seen before. He’s on the British variety television show, … 59 more words


Video: Peter Paxx in Budapest!

A little bit of magic in a bunker bar in Budapest, Hungary.


pentagram invocation and banishing

This is not a post on the experience of using these pentagrams, it is just some musings on the structure of the traditional set up. I’ll use the standard (not the “averse” forms). 1,090 more words