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The wonder of it all

To live this life of here
The wonder of the now in each moment
Of dreams and the everyday movements
That capture my mind
In quiet clarity. 171 more words


The Ebon Kteis

Having recently received my copy of Pillars III- The Ebon Kteis,  [ Anathema Publishing 2014]  I have started to read, with earnest.

I am at the moment reading and ‘meditating ‘ on… 222 more words


Fairy Glen

“How beautiful they are, the lordly ones
Who dwell in the hills, in the hollow hills.”
From ‘The Faery Song’ by Fiona Macleod

Up a hilly road just outside of Uig is a place known as the Fairy Glen.

254 more words

West Wing's Religion - Modern Rationalism and Fundamentalism

In movies, religion is often assumed to be a person’s belief in a supernatural God and that the Bible is the word of God to be taken literally. 640 more words


Elven Magic

“Do you believe in elves?” Richard asked, his eyes staring up at the fluorescent ceiling light.

Isabel looked around her, then to the light above her head where Richard was staring. 216 more words

Short Story

Walks Home

Walks Home

“She could never understand those dark and long walks home. She had never felt more alone. She couldn’t understand why the night didn’t bring her the happiness she sought. 41 more words