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The Houdini File

I recently came across an excellent magic blog, The Houdini File, authored by writer David Saltman. Although I had never heard of Mr. Saltman before, I soon realized that we share some of the same obsessions: magic, novel writing, and nineteenth-century variety arts history. 91 more words


Ready to flow, the contents were ordered
We took up the call like a meaty hook
We told them to order us breakfast and went to the bar… 80 more words


We glow, like marbles
Crunch and glisten, in the palms
Of a magician,

Comes with a circumference,
We get none although,

We’re floating balloons, 72 more words


Cabrillo Bridge on a magical evening

a watercolor on paper illustration for our upcoming book project about Balboa Park.


A Hundred Footsteps In Barcelona, Spain

“Two roads diverged in the woods-I took the one less travelled, and it made all the difference”. Every time I  read Robert Frost’s poem The Road Not Taken… 753 more words


Woman of the Mists

In the heart of the wilderness, high in the mountains, there is a legendary waterfall that pours down a pounding symphony of highland snow melt.  It is said that, when the midsummer moon hovers in the sky like an illuminated fetch, something happens which precious few human eyes have seen, a thing secret and sacred and formed of pure magic. 368 more words


Review: Teacher's Pet

Alice Dibble has finally made it to the Nocturnal Academy, and is ready to start lessons at the most exclusive private school in Australia. She believes she is about to be trained to become a nocturnal defender of the Earth against the chaotic hordes of the Immaterium, and is ready to face up to this noble challenge. 296 more words

Young Adult