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Tales of the Taibhsear-spoken word album of Scottish charms

I love folklore with a passion, and if it weren’t for the likes of Alexander Carmichael, F. Marian McNeill and Robert Kirk taking the time to collect and publish their research then much would be lost to history. 223 more words


Aphrodite Sets The Record Straight:

“If I had chosen the form of a man
they would have named me

From Chloe Goodwin

Aphrodite sets the record straight:

People assumed I did not love my husband…

289 more words


I sit with my coffee and think.

Many spiritual traditions operate with the notion of ascending and descending. In my essay on Lucifer in The Scalding of Sapientia… 249 more words


"This Guy is Really Good"


Rowan Atkinson delivers the Sunday Sermon.

Thanks to YouTuber Kevin


The Card (Great Trick)

Can you figure out how it’s done? (Watch it a few times) Have fun :)

The Card – YouTube.


Siren Song to the Moon

Fields and fields of Brussels sprouts grow sleepily in the sea spray. Artichokes appear in every size including just the right one. Christmas trees stand lined up like soldiers awaiting a dress parade. 910 more words

A Little Magic

Issy Simpson


Eight-year-old magician Issy Simpson has a ton of personality and confidence. Here she amazes the Britain’s Got Talent judges.

Thanks to YouTuber Anthony Ying