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Zoltar, Fortune Teller

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East Village

New York, New York


Carpool Lane Magician: Zabrecky


A quirky, funny, and ultimately cryptic short film about a would-be magician who can’t seem to find his way in life.  Rob Zabrecky plays the stunted soul under the thumb of his mother. 23 more words


Playing Games

“Be sure to go out and mingle, you two.” 833 more words

Zabrecky's Psycho-logy


It’s hard for a modern magician to adopt an extreme persona without seeming corny, but Rob Zabrecky’s funny warped psycho magician character humorously illustrates what it might have been like had Norman Bates taken up magic as a hobby. 9 more words


Safety Last: Harold Lloyd


One of the most hair-raising sustained scenes of physical comedy ever filmed. Only Buster Keaton could rival Harold Lloyd when it came to feats of physical stamina and inventiveness on the silent screen. 26 more words