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Wild Witchcraft

“Do not allow others to tame your craft. Do not tame it yourself out of fear that others will look down on you or reject you.

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The Amazing Kretin


The gang at SCTV present the world’s greatest mentalist: The Amazing Kretin. Any resemblance to any other world’s greatest mentalist is an amazing coincidence–“Is that not wild?!” 15 more words



If you wondered why Irish males have a reputation for being smooth talking, tall dark and handsome strangers, then you need look no further than the Gancanagh (Gawn-canack).  380 more words


intention, will and True Will

The term “will” can be quite opaque for people, due to the general use of the word, which conjures up images of stony faced determination, with an expression reminiscent of the battle with constipation. 324 more words


Billy Ray, Super Fly Cards Across


The stage version of the cards across magic trick has always struck me as something less than compelling, but this performance by magician Billy Ray has got to be one of the most entertaining magic acts I’ve seen. 10 more words


Witchdoctor in Zambia Carries Coffins Around to Find Those Guilty of Causing the Death

A report on Coast to Coast AM, linked below, tells of a witchdoctor who had assistants carry the coffin of the deceased around until such had identified those responsible for their deaths.  57 more words


The Spiritual Effects of Repealing the 8th

I’m getting rather emotional on the topic of Repealing the 8th Amendment in the Irish Constitution. For those of you not yet in the know: 956 more words