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All Signs Point To Yes

I must be complex

A blender

With many settings

Making soup

As well as crushing ice

Or I’m an idiot,

Simple like

A 2 x 4… 109 more words


First Draft: "What do I want?"

What do I want?

I finally figured it out. And, it only took heartbreak, headache, and frustration.

This is the first draft. (More like the 99th draft over the years, but those didn’t really get me anywhere.) 104 more words


Questions I'm Often Asked

Now that I’m a super-famous blogger, I’m always getting stopped in the street and asked questions. Usually those questions are along the lines of, “Can you get out of my way, ma’am?” or “What the hell are you doing?” but once in a while, someone surprises me with a true inquiry. 273 more words


A Bad Idea 73

Prometheus was the next Superbud to enter the basement after the robbery/kidnapping/whatever.

“I’m telling you, Cuba’s where the action’s at!” He shouted into the cell phone, as was his way. 323 more words

A Bad Idea


I feel the need to give some very careful instructions regarding a classic fortune-telling device known as the Magic 8-Ball. The Magic 8-Ball can be found in a variety of places, usually in the places where toys are sold. 226 more words


"Oh, I am fortune's fool!"*...

Something on your mind?  Ask the (interactive version of) xkcd’s oracle

* Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet


As we plan accordingly, we might recall, with gratitude, that it was on this date in 1935 that Alan Lane released the first ten titles in the Penguin paperback book series.   185 more words

Hello, Magic 8 Ball: who likes questions as lead paragraphs?

Ask again later.

Not now.

The Magic 8 Ball may never reply, “How cute! A guessing game. What a coy way to begin your writing. Like a knock-knock joke without the laugh.” 93 more words