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An Open Letter to KABC'S Weather Team

Dear Dallas Raines, Bri Winkler, Danny Romero, and Jonathan Novack:

I have been watching KABC’s “Eyewitness News” for as long as I can remember. Saying that, you can tell that I am very impressed with your anchors. 151 more words

Rants And Raves

Poem: Magic-8 Love Story

Freshman year:

Day one:

You asked for love.


“Don’t count on it.”


“Outlook, not so good.”


Nah man.

Still nah.

Sophomore year: 89 more words

My Writings

Magic 8 of Hearts Plies Your True Love with Cheesy Sayings

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here’s a project out of the LVL1 hackerspace in Louisville that should warm the heart of that special someone in your life. 147 more words

Holiday Hacks

The Oracle of the Interrogative

(a found poem inspired by 10 questions for the universe)


Why is the sky blue?
an embarrassment,
a robot programmed to destroy,
a dying planet… 242 more words

Tell Me No Lies

I had time to kill, as I waited for the bell to ring.

A long overdue heart to heart chat with an old childhood friend was decidedly in order. 411 more words


"Outlook Good"

I enjoyed Brian’s post earlier this week about first days of class, a source of anxiety and anticipation for teachers and students alike. After you’ve done this teaching thing for a bit, you can make a pretty fair assessment of your class’s potential after the first couple of classes.  222 more words

Pleasure In Learning