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Mystery solved: This is what's inside a Magic 8 Ball

The “Magic 8 Ball” is a perfect example of a toy that has survived generation after generation thanks in large part to its simplicity. Ask a question, give the 8 Ball a shake, and mystic beings will break through from other realms to give you your answer. 249 more words


Lee Staying in Philly? Ask Again Later

If only Cliff Lee had a crystal ball and not a $10 plastic Magic 8 Ball.

Maybe then he could see into the future and learn how much time he has left in Philadelphia. 619 more words

My 5 Favorite Things About the Morning

1. Creating a soundtrack. Currently I have a roommate so whether or not he’s present dictates how fun this gets. Sorry, roomie. But when he’s out and I put on that perfect morning song, dancing and bopping along, I feel at once like Tom Cruise  in  308 more words

AHS: "Home Invasion" - TV Tuesday

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: Season 1 – Episode 2

Home Invasion

-If I lived in the 50s and I had 20/20 vision I’d probably be really depressed because those glasses are so bitchin’ 450 more words

American Horror Story

DAY 10: Jessie

Series Run : 2011- Present

78 episodes

Series Premise (as far as I can tell):

Young Nanny hired to care for 4 diverse kids in a New York Penthouse… 345 more words

365 Days

BTW - Magic 8 Ball is a Bi***

I keep asking it things like, “Will I get a job soon?” She says, “Signs are Hazy.  Ask later.”  Or to the question, “Will I still travel in 2015?”  She says, “Can’t predict now!”    :-( 16 more words