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Cool Art for Kids of All Ages From Gallery 1988's 'Mattel: The Joys of Toys'

We never really outgrow our toys – we just turn them into collector’s items, major motion pictures, and works of art. For the latter, we now turn to… 156 more words


Day 1646: Very Doubtful

After all these years of blogging daily, it’s very doubtful I would start a post without a relevant photo.

I’m very doubtful that any of my readers have a… 285 more words

Personal Growth

Lucky #8

I blew some uppers earlier so my sense of self-importance blew up, too, which is why I’m starting this post by quoting my own tweet: 74 more words

That Time I Wrote a Poem While Destroying a Magic 8 Ball

I had a magic eight-ball that told you random answers to yes and no questions. Sometimes you just need some cosmic advice on whether you are making the correct choice or not, but the thing was random, it could not consider all the complex facets and possible outcomes to your questions. 343 more words

I'm back

I’m back, but I’m gonna have to write some stuff in norwegian for a while. It’s becaus I don’t wanna lose it. Also, I love America. 16 more words

FBI Investigation; Lies

I know this is starting to seem ho-hum and “what else is new,” but…

The president of the United States is definitely under FBI investigation out of suspicion he colluded with a foreign power to undermine the U.S. 55 more words

Why We Fight

To Boil or Not to Boil?

I thought I would take this week’s Wrist to Forehead Sunday post to spend a little time dithering on the computer screen about the latest decision I am angsting over (I know, angsting is not a word, but I just can’t think of the word I want): Should I or should I not run the Boilermaker 15K? 374 more words