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Hello, Magic 8 Ball: who likes questions as lead paragraphs?

Ask again later.

Not now.

The Magic 8 Ball may never reply, “How cute! A guessing game. What a coy way to begin your writing. Like a knock-knock joke without the laugh.” 93 more words


A 12 Step Approach to Procrastination

Procrastination is an addiction.

“Oh, I can do that tomorrow,” or “I’ve got plenty of time left to get that project done,” are the Procrastination Addict’s go-to excuses for putting off the inevitable. 510 more words

James L'Etoile

Parenting Tip of the Week: Be Your Baby's Advocate

I don’t disagree with this, but I oftentimes find it very difficult to be my baby’s advocate. I mean, what does that entail anyway? I think of an advocate as someone who acts in the best interest of their charge, right? 253 more words

My To-Do List for Today...

This photo was on Facebook today and it just really resonated me from a personal and professional standpoint.  I seem to be so very busy lately with all sorts of projects, but which ones really speak to me?  461 more words

Classy On A Budget

But My Horoscope Said...

So if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that I have an addiction a fascination with certain highly scientific items such as the Magic 8-ball… 567 more words


Magic 8 Ball

I went to the Woolworth dime store, a dollar bill in my hand

I said to the dime store lady, “Lady, I’m a worried man. 177 more words


Shocking Injustice! Rioters Weren't Paid for Rioting

I know it sounds like a hoax, but apparently it’s true: rioters were promised $5,000 a month as payment for “protesting” in Ferguson, MO, over the police shooting death of a robber, and now they’re mad as wet hens because they haven’t been paid ( … 238 more words