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Magic 8 Ball Business Card Will Answer All Your Questions

The PCB business card has long been a staple amongst the freelance EE set. It’s a way to show potential clients that you can do the job, as well as leave a great first impression. 205 more words

Classic Hacks

Can a Magic 8 Ball help you write? Signs point to yes.

I bought a Magic 8 Ball. For divination? (“You may rely on it.”) For nostalgia? (“Ask again later.”)

Something in me suspects it could be used as a writing-prompt tool (“Reply hazy try again”) but I haven’t quite figured out how. 303 more words


Kate's Magic 8 Ball

Kate, circa 1986:

Magic 8 Ball, will I ever have a house with secret tunnels and an elevator? Don’t count on it.

Will I live among gypsies in Spain? 857 more words


Re: Blind Box

“Skunked again!”

–Ralphie, a Christmas Story

In a disappointing turn of events, I went back to get more of those “World’s Smallest” blind boxes and found the Walmart shelf nearly picked clean.

191 more words
Daily Events

Is Pet Industry Hurtling Towards a New Dawn or its Moment of Reckoning?

Where you stand, depends on where you sit.” — Rufus Miles, Princeton University

As we round the “club house turn” for the calendar year, it is natural to begin focusing on the year ahead and what it might hold (or bring, depending on your preference).  865 more words

Consumer Products And Services

Tell Me the Right Answer

At some points in my life, there have been instances where there are no “right” answers.

I don’t like what my current reality looks like. … 231 more words

Contemporary Concerns

I couldn’t be afraid of Friday the 13th…could I?  All signs indicate, according to my Magic 8 ball, that I should ask again later.  I am not sure if the Oujia Board disk or heart or whatever that plastic form with the clear piece in the center ever moved on its own, or whether I “helped” it along.   685 more words