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Epic Nest Fluffing and Magic Erasers......

Due to several situations way beyond the blogger’s control, today’s planned blog has been moved to either the weekend or Monday. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, Lulabelle was giddy over finding a random knock off Magic Eraser in the house and plans to partake in epic “nest fluffing” (this is a term she coined referring to housework. 114 more words

Removing Crayon!

Remove crayon from the couch

I freaked when I saw that purple crayon on my Arhaus couch (bought WAY before kids when I thought kids wouldn’t eat on the couch or even think of putting their dirty hands on the couch)…so I immediately searched online for what I could safely use, considered calling the manufacturer, and texted my friends for tips (and pity). 308 more words

Crayon Removal

Silence is golden. Or pink in this case #MagicEraser

You know when it’s just too quiet in the house?

And you ignore the blatant silent warning signs and carry on drinking your Sunday morning coffee. 240 more words


The Pizza Project

This week, I had to do The Pizza Project. Yep, you guessed it. This involves a LOT of Photoshop layers!
Step 1: Isolation

First off, I needed to erase the black background from the original pizza dough image. 265 more words


Friday Fives - was So-crates spongeworthy?

What’s a trap that almost everyone will fall into at some point in their lives?

Going through the days like a barely aware zombie.  Wake up, work, go home, eat and watch a couple hours of tv.  897 more words

It's truly Magic!

This is not a sponsored post and nobody’s asking me to do this post. Which is too bad. I totally would do stuff like this for money (SEND ME FREE STUFF). 181 more words


O Come All Ye Grapeful

I’m hosting Xmas dinner this year.  By my count, there will be 11 of us.  In my house.  All at once.

Yesterday, I hit that point where I wondered what I was smoking when I came up with this idea.   429 more words