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What I Learned This Week #10

Sunday, July 16 – Saturday, July 23 

This Week in Strategic Lying: Krueger in OTR wants to be known for their meat dishes. The small menu is heavy on sausages and hamburgers. 351 more words


Who pulls the strings? Mozart's Magic Flute at Longborough

Like Glyndebourne’s recent Rinaldo, Longborough’s Magic Flute seems to take shape as a young boy’s daydream, or perhaps the world of his storybook coming to life in his imagination. 103 more words


Opera: Lucia Popp singing Queen of the Night and O mio babbino caro.

One of my favorite sopranos of all time, Lucia Popp. Here are two of my favorite arias sung by this divine singer.

Queen of the Night. 40 more words


Eurovision and Mozart

The week has passed, bookended by musical delights of contrasting tone and texture.

Eurovision came and went. Every edition seems to me indistinguishable from the previous one, and yet I watch, transfixed by the engulfing strangeness of it all. 971 more words


The Magic Flute

OMG. That was possibly the best thing I have EVER seen.

OK, so I am an opera aficionado now. I have been to many official, impressive and very expensive venues such as the English National Opera and the Royal Opera House to see world-class performances. 640 more words


The Classical opera

I don’t remember having ever watched any Classical opera out of The Magic flute.

Programme notes

By the end of 1790, Mozart was depressed, if not getting desperate: his financial situation was not good, sinking in debts; the new emperor did not favour his music much; and his musical language seemed to be diverting from the audiences’ tastes. 673 more words

Listening Log

Rosenthal/Bjorn Wiinblad, The Magic Flute

Bjorn Wiinblad “The Magic Flute”, Rosenthal Studio Line.

Further back on this site I have an introduction to Bjorn Wiinblad’s designs for the Rosenthal “Studio Line”. 437 more words

Bjorn Wiinblad