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Sims 2 | Preparing for College

Time to get the tubs of acne cream out and lock the doors, the twins are now Teenagers! 374 more words

Moons & Meerkats


What if I could get everything I wanted?  Would I be any happier?  I like to think yes, but the Wisdom of the Ages indicates no.  345 more words

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Just Another Working Day On Mars

Some say that sullying a delicious glass of Scotch with either water or ice is a sacrilege worthy of flogging. My opinion is that I much prefer Irish whiskey (or even whisky) with my tuna melt, but every cat is different, dear ones, and we really need to concentrate on the wonderful news that… 81 more words




place your hands on the magick lamp

close your eyes

take a deep breath

notice where the sensations are coming from

let your awareness travel through your body… 35 more words

Magickal Arts

Engineers and Lawyers

There was once an engineer who found a magic lamp. When he rubbed it, a genie jumped out and said to him, “You have three wishes. 141 more words