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the magic mirror

Do you remember the fairy tale of snow-white and the queen, who asks her mirror on the wall, who is the fairest in the country? 163 more words


No. 23: F Those Balloons

I realize that this list is essentially a church project, so I must warn that the language in this one will get a little salty. 586 more words

Hump Day Sans Title...

Click that baby bigger.

Walking along the shores of Lake Ontario last May? June?, I spied this piece of driftwood drifting along.

More accurately, beached. 63 more words


Your Magic Mirror

Imagine what it would be like to own a magic mirror that could see into the future. Everyday you’d stand inĀ front of it and see what lies ahead. 439 more words


Disney Villains and how to do your makeup like them!

We grew up to really hate/love these amazing Disney characters! Here is some really amazing tutorials on how to do your makeup for some of your favorite villains!!! 132 more words

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