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Here's looking at you, kids

From the second you give life to your precious baby, every moment of your existence centres around those tiny hands, those delicious feet, those adorable gurgly noises ( 431 more words

Magic Mirror

There was a place in my heart but you stepped right through.

I need to forget but I haven’t yet.

Hold it against me. For I do the same. 9 more words

Random Sregit

Frog Prince(ss)'s Kiss

Did you grow up with the Frog Prince or the Frog Princess? Not only I (and my whole generation, I think) grew up with the female version of this character but I don’t think I heard about the existence of the other one until I was in my late twenties. 358 more words

"Four Legs Good"

Beat of The Day: Magic Mirror by nyankobrq

Here’s another chill song from nyankobrq to accompany you on this lazy Monday. It’s a slow day for me and I’m currently sipping my coffee to gather my soul, haha. 13 more words


Some pi hacking

For my birthday recently I got myself a raspberry pi to play with. I’ve wanted to check one out for a while, and I finally decided to pull the trigger. 475 more words


Fire burn & cauldron bubble...

When you’re building a witch’s house, one of the most important considerations is her cauldron. Where will it hang? From what?

Sokennie found a small brass cauldron in a local charity shop and snapped it up instantly.  208 more words