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Black Lace in Tropics

If I were to name the best material for tropical clothing, I would be choosing between cotton, linen or silk, and I would be looking at it from the point of the comfort of wearing it in the heat and aesthetic. 489 more words

"Four Legs Good"

Magic Mirror - version 1


A while back I discovered the eciting world of “magic mirrors”. I don’t remember how or where it caught my attention, but I knew at that time I had to make one!  2,108 more words


Magic Mirror- Conclusion

In many ways, the Magic Mirror project was a success.  Although I was unable to use a Raspberry Pi, I still was able to create the final project using a low-cost laptop that would have cost a little over $100 nowadays.   256 more words

Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror- Building the Mirror

Now that the preparation work is done, it’s time to start building the Magic Mirror itself.  To start off, I will begin with removing the frame of the monitor.   481 more words

Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror- Building the Display

As mentioned earlier, there are several things I want in my mirror.  Just as a refesher, they are

Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror- Getting the Materials

Before anything can get done, materials need to be gathered.  Here’s a general list of what I need to buy:

One way mirror

Can be purchased as a solid mirror, film+glass, or film+plastic. 176 more words

Magic Mirror

Episode #6: Brexit and ecommerce, Oaklabs Magic Mirror @Rebecca Minkoff and Ralph Lauren and Zaras Self Checkout

In this weeks episode Alex and Kai talk about the Brexit (aka the UK leaves the European Union) and the impact that can have on the ecommerce world. 235 more words