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But as Snow White grew, she became more and more beautiful, and by the time she was sseven years old she was as beautiful as the day and more beautiful than the queen herself. 9 more words

She had a magic mirror, and when she went up to it and looked at herself, she said:
“Mirror, Mirror, here I stand.
Who is the fairest in the land?” 27 more words

Making a Magic Mirror: Beauty & the Beast

Magic Mirror:

“Beauty & the Beast” has a couple of magical props that need to be found, rented, begged, borrowed . . .or made!  This is how I made the Magic Mirror. 595 more words


April 28, 2015

“Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?”

As I was walking to work yesterday, I noticed that the mirror I inevitably check myself out in was tagged and literally gasped! 56 more words


What Do You See In The Mirror?

Monopedal water fowl
Shedding wet without a towel
In the rain upon a wall,
Who’s the fairest of them all?


Free legal e-books [04-17]

I spoke of Bookbub before and figured I’ll just show you what I picked up from there to my kindle account on amazon.com today. At the bottom there’s the link where you can do the same: 159 more words


Birthday Author Blog.

What is the best birthday present you can get an author? Buying (and reading) one of their books of course. Today’s Birthday author is none other than adventure extrodanaire, Sean Ellis. 983 more words
Sean Ellis