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Makeover Madness

I am participating in a #TPTSellerChallenge where we are supposed to give some of our old products a makeover! I’ve been doing some small makeovers the last week or so but I was really excited because I knew which product in my store needed a major makeover. 105 more words


The Magic of Music

The benefits of musical therapy are well documented today, but back in 1961 it was a different story. Musical therapy had been used to help soldiers returning from World War I and World War II who suffered from emotional trauma, but not so much for children. 363 more words

When Your Gaslight Turns On

My house is a construction zone with new hardwood flooring being installed and I am basically writing from an island. One chair was left in my house. 151 more words


In Which I Wax About Music

This year, as usual for the past few years, there was $30 of iTunes gift cards in my stocking.  These little cards are one of my favorite presents.   1,011 more words


But Can He Dance?

I loved to dance. Ballet and other dance alone type dancing, but my favorite has always been ballroom dancing with someone who was light on their feet, and smooth, with subtle but good leading cues that let you just trust and follow. 526 more words


You once told me...

And what do you usually do when I’m gone?

– Waiting for you to come back…