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Swings, Traffic Lights and Roundabouts

The roundabout was my undoing when I made my last, futile attempt to learn to drive some twenty-five years ago. Yesterday’s depressing report that suggests we need even more of them is the final nail in the coffin of my motoring ambitions.  752 more words

You've ruined Christmas!

I don’t hate Christmas because I’m a miserable bastard, I hate it because it’s surplus to requirement. It’s an opportunity to max out your credit card, fight with family, eat unhealthy food, guzzle alcohol and pretend to like the crap presents people give you because they have no fucking idea who you are. 833 more words

Burger Bear Winter Launch at The Magic Roundabout

Words by Fiona Bostock. 

When I think of Old Street, I don’t think of it as my go to place for a drink and a nibble, however, the hidden entrance on the way out of Old Street tube station, with mysterious stairs, takes you to the centre of The Magic Roundabout, a quirky bar great for cocktails and delicious food. 532 more words



We’ve been sitting on this one for a while and it’s finally hatched. To celebrate the Rugby World Cup we’ve gathered together some of the finest DJs from eight different countries to battle it out in the Old Street Arena aka The Magic Roundabout on Sunday October 11th. 187 more words

Frank McWeeny

Snowy Airport Run

I was getting ready to drive to the airport to pick up two friends who were visiting from London. It was the middle of winter, and it had been showing heavily. 337 more words