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Storm of Magic

After a canny purchase on the Bring and Buy stand at Campaign (Milton Keynes) this year, we are starting to introduce the Storm of Magic rules to our fantasy campaigns. 266 more words


Building an Epic Fantasy World: Magic, Science, Art, Scientific Method, and Technology

In my previous post, I went into detail on how I designed the physical geography of the world and what considerations I had towards the setting. 1,162 more words



Two hours of arguing over rules and then I was defeated.Thankfully there’s no one else I would rather play with.

Shutting devices off when not in use.

My home office has a few devices that seems to be always on regardless if I’m using them or not. For example my personal HP Laserjet printer that’s doesn’t even have a on/off switch. 199 more words


How to auto arm the alarm for Lowe's iris when you leave your home?

If your morning is as crazy as ours? Is just trying to get the kids to eat their breakfast, dressed and be glad they have their shoes on when we leave the house is an daily accomplishment? 92 more words


So, observation weeks start tomorrow...

…and I’m bricking it a little. I have no idea what level the children’s English is at, if they’ll ask me any questions, whether I’ll understand the teachers, or whether I’ll just be in the corner of the classroom frantically scribbling notes all lesson. 223 more words

Early Days