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Free Magic School Bus Lesson Plans

Johanna loves science. I mean LOVES science. She even loves watching science shows, particularly ones that involve surgery. I don’t exactly adore science. I don’t hate it, but meh. 241 more words

edufashion. it's a thing.

I wore my skeleton dress to work today and an older woman complemented me on it and then said “Pity you can only wear it one day a year” – What? 242 more words

Getting Messy

Life with a toddler is messy.

She delights in emptying my drawers and wearing my clothes around the house, dropping a bra here, a tank top there. 601 more words

Seesaw (Reflection)

Magic School Bus Scavenger Hunt with Year 3

Year 4 made the Magic School Bus lap books ( you can read all about them here). Year 4 invited year 3 to answer questions based on our projects. 76 more words

Learning Is Fun

From a Distance

“Well, well, well.  “Scotty drawled.  “Look what got dragged in to Cat.”

Mike grinned and shrugged.  “I don’t think that is how that sayin goes.  I am here on a mix, business and pleasure.  1,068 more words