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If I were not a homeschooling mom, would I be as obsessive-compulsive about amassing books for my kids?

I don’t know but I certainly am more fixated about getting as many books as I can whenever I pass by second-hand bookshops.   498 more words

Digital Books

Digital books provide a way for young children to interact with the book through touch or gentle taps on the screen of a computer or mobile device, such as an iPad. 501 more words

Picture Books

Book Catalogue App

I discovered a wonderful new app for keeping track of what books you own. I am in the process of collecting many Magic School Bus book titles, and I was looking for a way to keep track of what I already have that is a little more user-friendly on the go than a Pinterest board. 549 more words


May 27 Gingerbread



Hello Song: Gingerbreadでは新しいHello Songです。これから練習しましょう。

DS (Dansinglish) 曲3 Thank You全体をもっとかっこいい踊りの振りを作りまして、皆やる気が上がりました。日常表現をいっぱい練習できる歌だから皆楽しく覚えてもらいたいです。

Banana: Unit 1 すごく上手くできました!今週は単語1-10の発音をさらに練習しました。先週より厳しく直しましたが皆嫌がらず「こう?」「僕ただしいい?」「もっときれいな発音になりたい!」前向きな態度で素晴らしかった!

Phonics [e]の復習 と [h]. どんどんbeginning soundの直感ができていました

TT(Talking Time) p66-67 *クラスで使った表現はテキスの I want a dressより丁寧な May I have a dress please. 63 more words


Getting Frizzled

Hello! And welcome to Monsters and Molecules! Today’s post is a bit of a break from the regularly scheduled programming, but it is rather like a bridge between my old pursuits and my new. 513 more words

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