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Johanna loves science. I mean LOVES science. She even loves watching science shows, particularly ones that involve surgery. I don’t exactly adore science. I don’t hate it, but meh. 241 more words

edufashion. it's a thing.

I wore my skeleton dress to work today and an older woman complemented me on it and then said “Pity you can only wear it one day a year” – What? 242 more words

How to Build My First Episode?

I’ve been exploring quite a few means to teach coding in the classroom as a satellite interest around my passion project, however it all started with my wondering if lessons would be more engaging and fun for students if they could learn through playing games. 394 more words

EDCI 336

Getting Messy

Life with a toddler is messy.

She delights in emptying my drawers and wearing my clothes around the house, dropping a bra here, a tank top there. 601 more words

Seesaw (Reflection)

Magic School Bus Scavenger Hunt with Year 3

Year 4 made the Magic School Bus lap books ( you can read all about them here). Year 4 invited year 3 to answer questions based on our projects. 76 more words

Learning Is Fun

From a Distance

“Well, well, well.  “Scotty drawled.  “Look what got dragged in to Cat.”

Mike grinned and shrugged.  “I don’t think that is how that sayin goes.  I am here on a mix, business and pleasure.  1,068 more words