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Magic/Books: To the Mansions of the Moon

To The Mansions of the Moon is intended to be an example of a book of magic.

Susanna Clarke, in her debut novel “Jonathan Strange and Mr. 491 more words

Magic & Spirituality

Sewing/magic: geomancy bags

Recent commenter Jeffrey P. asked if my Viking bags were comparable with “geomancy sticks as taught in DOGD?” I presume he means the Druidical Order of the Golden Dawn… 304 more words

Magic & Spirituality

Magic: The Saints You Need

Jason Miller did the thing “Good readings with bad tarot decks”, inviting people to do readings for 2018 with tarot decks we don’t think are particularly good. 325 more words


Magic: Divination for the New Year

I’ve been debating doing this for years. And I’m finally starting.

Do you want some insight into what your future is going to be in 2018?   319 more words


Magic: Christmas

It’s snowing here, and it’s the first ‘white Christmas’ that I can recall since I was a teenager. Winter is come, not just because it’s… 690 more words


Magic: Buche de Noël

Buche de Noël is a traditional French pastry/cake for the season of Christmas.  It usually consists of cake and frosting rolled together into a wheel or a log, which is then decorated with ‘mushrooms’ made out of meringue, white chocolate bark made to look like birch bark, whorls of chocolate frosting to look like the interior of the log, sugar plums, and sugared rosemary. 269 more words


Astrology: Saturn in Capricorn

I’m slowly learning astrology, because it seems to be the connective glue that joins the quadrivium back to the trivium in the Seven Liberal Arts… 2,813 more words