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Deck Tales! Abzan Value Train

New standard means new decks! With the recent standard bannings of Attune with Aether and Rogue Refiner my current deck, Sultai Energy, is much less effective. 232 more words


Tooth and Nail..... really?

Yep! Tooth and Nail in Modern!

Back in the day when this card was in Standard and even Extended, the ability to cheat enormous things into play was a very powerful thing to do. 304 more words


Rivals of Ixalan plus Banned and Restricted

There’s lots happening in the magic world, which calls for two posts. First of all, Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) was released at midnight on Saturday, January 13 and secondly Monday marked the release of yet another… 546 more words

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How Obstinate Baloth Interacts with Smallpox

I knew the day would come where someone would play Obstinate Baloth against my 8-rack deck. That day was Friday, January 12 at FNM. On Friday, I went 2-2 (again) and played against 2 types of… 336 more words

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Rivals of ixalan league

So I will be in the local league, it’s only my second league (original ixalan was first time) hopefully do well in it or at least have fun with the other geeks 🤓


Cube: Legacy 1st Draft Aftermath

This Sunday, all 8 of us managed to get together and draft the inaugural draft of Cube: Legacy. The link to the cube can be found here ( 1,084 more words

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