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Dice Atomizer

Dice Atomizer

A clear capped capsule with a black die inside is given a shake. The die disintegrates into several tiny colored dice. Alternatively, the die can be changed from black to white. 40 more words

Clock Manipulation

Time Clock Manipulation

Suddenly the performer catches a small Clock (the size is slightly bigger than a Pocket watch) from thin air. He then splits it into two and hands over one to the Assistant who in turn hangs the clock on the hook of a stand. 29 more words

Card Trick

“Your card was the Six of Hearts! No? It was the Two of Clubs! No? King of Spades? Ten of Diamonds?…”

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Human Fragility, Emotionally and Literally

Fragile—that’s how my heart feels. Fragile heart syndrome is not a condition that’s listed in the DSM…but I know it’s real—I can feel it. This weekend I will be a Big Cabin Buddy volunteer at Camp Erin, a camp for kids who are grieving the loss of someone they love. 825 more words

“Magic Trick”

I only know
One magic trick

No props necessary
But it does involve
Using your voice
So please prepare
It can take
A long time… 347 more words