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trampoline sports

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trampoline sports

trampoline sports
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A Simple But Effective Magic Trick

Here is a video where I show you a simple but effective magic trick. Please enjoy!



“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Arthur C Clark gave us this thought and I like it.

At a very low level, stage magicians with the ‘sawing someone in half’ trick or the ‘disappearing person from the box’ trick use a manipulation of mechanics to give the appearance of supernatural powers and channeling the beyond. 474 more words

Sky News Broadcast HiJacked

“Magicians Young & Strange photobomb the background of a Live Sky News broadcast with journalist Ashish Joshi in Westminster”


Magician hacks into bank account By Lazarus Benson!


Magician walks up to an ATM an hacdks into someones bank account like boss!
Don’t mind the bleeps they are at the best i could get them, but still amazing trick to even do. 79 more words