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Marked ESP by Mauro Santelices

ESP cards were designed in the 20s by J.B. Rhine and Karl Zener in order to scientifically prove the existence of extrasensory perception (ESP) but today, they have enormous potential in magic and mentalism, giving users the ability to create different effects, without any special power… just a good marking system that do the work for they… 86 more words

Card Trick

Hit-Them: A diferent rising card trick

An easy to learn Rising card trick. Totally impromptu, no gimmicks and only with 15 cards of any deck!

The spectator freely chooses a card. Hit them and one will rise above the others… The chosen one…or maybe you want it to fall? 28 more words

Card Trick

Sheffield Magician Russ Appleby: “If I wasn’t a magician I would probably be a virgin”.


Russ Appleby, 34, is a Sheffield magician with nearly thirty years experience. His love for magic started at the age of four, after he received a Fisher Price magic set for Christmas, which he used to put on ‘Very Bad’ shows for his family. 416 more words


Flash Fiction: Dare (246 words)

I watch him carefully, while he smiles at me from across the table. He spins a white feather between his fingers, held as loosely as his secrets. 227 more words


Good News Fridays: Drive Thru Vanishing Food

I think this will make you smile!  The YouTube channel MagicofRahat and Penguin Magic did another magic trick prank on the drive thru workers.  This time, he made the stuff inside the bag disappear, and the workers went crazy!   22 more words


An Easter Miracle

So, to keep my one year-old nephew entertained, I’ve been doing this thing that Jesus does in an episode of Family Guy.

I can’t remember exactly how this got started, but he’s always seemed to find it amusing. 81 more words


The Math of Shuffling Cards

A magic trick based on the “Perfect Shuffle”. Featuring Professor Federico Ardila. I watched his videos on Hopf Algebras while learning the background material for my honours project on… 65 more words