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I had a dream about five bald men and a kangaroo.  They performed acrobatics in a circus ring which was simultaneously the living room of the house where I grew up.  186 more words

Create your own magic tricks

There comes a time in the life of every magician in which we want to leave a mark on the world, no matter how small it is, and that desire is to create our own tricks. 704 more words


The power of simple magic

In the world of magic tricks there are simple effects, complex ones and some that need years of practice to make only a part of it… And the simple magic tricks are often despised by magicians because of its simplicity, but in the right hands they have the best reactions! 345 more words


Marked ESP by Mauro Santelices

ESP cards were designed in the 20s by J.B. Rhine and Karl Zener in order to scientifically prove the existence of extrasensory perception (ESP) but today, they have enormous potential in magic and mentalism, giving users the ability to create different effects, without any special power… just a good marking system that do the work for they… 94 more words


Hit-Them: A diferent rising card trick

An easy to learn Rising card trick. Totally impromptu, no gimmicks and only with 15 cards of any deck!

The spectator freely chooses a card. Hit them and one will rise above the others… The chosen one…or maybe you want it to fall? 28 more words


Sheffield Magician Russ Appleby: “If I wasn’t a magician I would probably be a virgin”.


Russ Appleby, 34, is a Sheffield magician with nearly thirty years experience. His love for magic started at the age of four, after he received a Fisher Price magic set for Christmas, which he used to put on ‘Very Bad’ shows for his family. 416 more words