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Magic Trick: Turning Water into Ice!

Looking to impress your kids? ¬†Well here’s a cool little trick you can try to pull off!

How can you turn water instantly into ice by  pouring water into 3 cups? 45 more words

You treat this place like a hotel!

No. Wait. Ok, it IS a hotel but you don’t need to treat it like one.

So what am I wittering on about today?

Munki. That’s what. 673 more words



I was walking through a museum of TV show/ movie sets. I was with my friend Joey, who was recording our walk-through. We stopped at one of the sets from a movie. 173 more words

Magic Trick

This is something quite a bit different from me. I’m an amateur magician, and last week I took part in a 7 day challenge to turn a magic trick I could do into a masterpiece. 2,276 more words


a magic show


“If you arrive at understanding the unborn nature of all that is and know that the mind is a magic show, that there is no object, no phenomenon that has real existence, then wherever you are there is purity, and that is Buddha.” 130 more words

Exploring Consciousness

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