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When thinking isn't working try music, sex and a hot bath

Some men come into the therapy room with a good idea of why they are there and what they want to achieve. Several clients have wished out loud for a ‘pill that could put it all right’ or a ‘magic wand’ to give them the life, the thoughts and feelings that they want. 362 more words


Ollivanders: Makers of Fine Wands since 382 BC. 

‘Well, now – Let me see.’ He pulled a long tape measure with silver markings out of his pocket. ‘Which is your wand arm?’‘Er – well, I’m right-handed,’ said Oliver. 180 more words

What would you do.......

What would you do if you had an unlimited magic wand for a day?

I would:

  • Cure cancer and all illness
  • Give the homeless a home, a job and a new chance at life…
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Just Venting

​I would like to have the magic wand...

…to erase money from planet earth and create a smarter economy.


The Magic Wand Resigns

I’ve b-b-b-been the most important toy in your drawer for five years, and it’s about time you s-s-s-stopped treating me as though I’m a performing monkey. 363 more words


Granton Primary School after school club at Eardley Nature Reserve

On Thursday 11th May 2017 Nature Vibezzz ran a after school activity for Granton Primary School 2nd year students at Eardley Nature Reserve, Lambeth, London. During the forest school activity the students enjoyed free play, whittling sticks to make magic wands. 6 more words


365 Challenge: Day 60 - Charming

Charming: pleasant, attractive, polite, friendly, and likable

Ah, my friends… I am the epitome of charming. If you saw me, or knew me, you’d immediately think… he’s my prince riding in on a white horse with an amazing smile, a wonderful sense of humor, beautiful eyes, an exquisitely-tailored suit, bags of money in his saddle, perfectly-coiffed hair, and… oh, wait, wrong blog! 957 more words

365 Day Challenge