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magic wand

she lost her magic wand ..

many many years ago,
she lost that magic wand,
looking for my granddad

he listened to all the trees… 111 more words


Hitachi Magic Wand: el abuelo de los vibradores

Simone tiene amante. Lo demuestra en cómo ella sonríe cada vez que logra un orgasmo delante de mí. La otra noche fueron 2 o 3 veces, no lo recuerdo, mientras yo era un espectador, mientras ellos dos disfrutaban en la cama. 445 more words


I love writing with a pencil!  I use an old-fashioned wooden pencil.  It’s the same type I used when I was a kid.  In this age of computers and electronic gadgets, there is something… 119 more words

From Beneath the Windowsill

On a lark, I started reading Faust from a book beneath the windowsill bench, covered in old dvd’s, compact discs, old sheet music, jars, buttons, and memorable stuffed toy dolls. 768 more words

Magic Wand

Waving a magic wand: my ultimate goals for the 5 pillars

Well, a bit of a bummer as my afternoon date cancelled on me. But I did manage to find a hook-up for tonight, so that’s a plus. 951 more words

Inspirational TED talk from Roanna Mitchell (AnyBody)

An inspirational TED talk from Roanna Mitchell (AnyBody) about the diet industry and the ‘magic wand’. I’d been deliberating over this site for a while, but when I saw this it just all started coming together!

Body Positivity

Groovy! All parties invited to chill in Hillary Clinton's 'nice warm purple space' for bipartisan chat

We haven’t heard much from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lately aside from a Valentine’s Day “It’s a date!” tweet addressed to her husband. That’s not much to go on from someone who’s beyond certain to run for president in 2016, and Clinton did break her silence today with a speech in Silicon Valley. 516 more words

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