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Amazing Craft!

Just have a look around — so many amazing things! Be it a delicate web woven by a tiny spider or the huge arch of a rainbow spanning the entire sky; or a dainty flower spreading its beauty and scent around or take the case of a minuscule plantlet sprouting out of a seed. 62 more words

Random Thoughts


I always seem to get carried away when I write these things.  It’s crossed my mind that writing is the reason I’m so horny all the time.  870 more words

The Magic Wand for a Plugged Duct

One of the most painful phrases to breastfeeding moms anywhere is: “plugged duct”.

http://www.kellymom.com is one of the best resources out there for breastfeeding information.  All of the suggestions on that site for a plugged duct are great: 331 more words

Breaking Up is Hard to Do on Facebook

Yesterday, rather than working, I spent the day on Dave’s Facebook page. I ended up working all night. I’m exhausted, but I know that Dave ate at Terroni on Thursday, and really, that’s all that counts. 531 more words


"Jaw With John" -Friends Have Pregnant Pause In Friendship

“I used to be very good friends with a colleague. We regularly socialized outside of work, and I was a frequent guest in her home. 297 more words

Jaw With John

Zunday Zen ... Happy New Year!

If only I had a magic wand
I’d wave it in the air
I’d make the world a peaceful place
for all of us to share! 52 more words


Magic Wand! 

Hello lovely, I’m back with another Lush review. Of course I’m looking at yet another product from the Christmas range. This time I’m looking at a reusable bubble bar. 316 more words