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Dangerous, a little

I was going to write a redux to this post.  Whatever that is.  I just like the word.  I like thinking about the word.  Maybe I just like red words.  1,004 more words

[Toy Review] So Divine 'Wicked Game' Magic Wand

Toy: ‘Wicked Game’ Magic Wand
Made by:So Divine

This toy was a last-minute win at the end-of-Eroticon raffle, and I was excited to try it out as ‘wand style’ vibrators are consistently the toys I’ve got on the best with over the years. 833 more words

Sex Toys

Episode 234: April Flores and Milcah Halili

From CrashPad. (if you want to know more about Crashpad Click Here)

Voluptuous vixen April Flores is back with her IRL sweetie Milcah Halili.

“April has brought a bag full of her favorite toys but her number one desire is to wrap her lips upon Milcah’s.

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Cardboard Tube Crafts

When is a cardboard tube not a cardboard tube? When it becomes anything your child can dream up for their crafting!

We made two adorable projects this week, one with a short toilet paper tube and one with a longer paper towel tube – seriously, why doesn’t someone just sell these so you don’t have to wait for the roll to end before crafting? 218 more words

Have a nice day

I’ve been playing with myself in the few minutes before River comes to bed. I’m not sure this is going to work. River came home wanting to use the Magic Wand, and I’d really like to come through for her despite buzzing myself out on Adderall and caffeine during the day.  600 more words

Amazing Craft!

Just have a look around — so many amazing things! Be it a delicate web woven by a tiny spider or the huge arch of a rainbow spanning the entire sky; or a dainty flower spreading its beauty and scent around or take the case of a minuscule plantlet sprouting out of a seed. 62 more words

Random Thoughts


I always seem to get carried away when I write these things.  It’s crossed my mind that writing is the reason I’m so horny all the time.  870 more words