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Herbs - Rue

Rue (Ruta graveolens), also known as Herb of Grace or Common Rue, has been captivating my attention lately. It has many magical uses and it is an excellent addition to mojo bags and spells of protection. 192 more words

Folk Prayers

The Story of How I Hypnotized My Little Sister

A few months ago, while doing some general research on psychiatry, I came across an article on a psychology website discussing the subject of hypnosis and its use in psychotherapy.  523 more words


Camino Magic in the Real World; Continuing to Follow the Yellow Arrows

As I was driving out of the park yesterday, I saw two little fox cubs playing on the side of the road. I’d just finished a 7-mile hike and I was feeling good; I started off slowly, weighed down by the humid air and hot sunshine, but soon found a rhythm and was marching along with strong legs and solid steps. 910 more words

Camino De Santiago

Day 10

The end is nigh! Or at least I hope so, would beat not being able to play Quidditch anytime. I know it’s just been two days, but my whole being cries out ‘Play Quidditch.Now.’ Really it makes me want to pull pranks on people. 439 more words


Chapter Nine: PVP

A squirrel-headed and fluffy-tailed, white-furred dominatrix-ninja was meditating peacefully on the top of a huge and reflective, silver-disk. Hurricane-force winds were raging around her, while lightning was viciously striking her black-mithril cotton, and demonic-beast leather armor. 6,455 more words


W is for: Witchblood

In the Old Crown, those touched by a lineage of magikal power are known as Witchbloods. Whilst hereditary, sometimes the witchblood skips generations only to appear again. 530 more words


Ark new chapter

Originally on Ark Machine Translations

Ark volume 16 chapter 1


“Huk huk huk, I’ve finished.”


The old man looked at Ark with amazed eyes. 459 more words