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Vintage, Part Twenty-One

Ramping up towards what is hoped to be an exciting conclusion.  Rated PG-13 for a wee little bad word that is situationally appropriate.

Etienne had seen Valnier’s fists deployed, more often than he could remember across a copious collection of years, against a variety of hapless targets.   4,491 more words


Protected By Angels

The moon is rising as I write these words.. Something so incredible and frightening just happened, and it can be nothing but a miracle. Magic. 242 more words

Coldplay's Magic.

A little MAGIC for the holidays:

Happy Thanksgiving!


As I Wrinkle and Ache

A Thanksgiving poem, albeit an untraditional one. Happy Thanksgiving!!

As I Wrinkle and Ache

I’m pleased
I still imagine
the fat goblin

the sticky pines, 35 more words


Chapter 239: The Duel for The Dwarven Republic

The conflict between The New Goblin Empire and The Dwarven Republic had been stagnant for a while, but both sides were merely gathering their forces and preparing for the eventual escalation. 1,548 more words