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White Rabbits, Magic, and What If's?

I always felt that my life was meant to be more than it was. And at times I have felt that I’m wasting away, waiting around for some magical moment that would rock my world and change everything about me for the better. 812 more words

San Diego Cartomancy Collective

Are you in or around San Diego County out in California?

Do you have a passing interest in Tarot? What about Oracle Cards? What about Lenormand? 409 more words



“The more you read, the more things you know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Dr Seuss


I’m Betty Bookster and I’m a reader (you could probably guess that from my name) and I’m starting a book blog.

191 more words

Re:Interference Chapter 13- Welcome to the Jungle

After waking up and taking care of my morning routine, I give Heod a call using Navi’s communication system. The old man stays silent as I explain what happened yesterday. 9,517 more words

Web Novel

Where's the PASSION

I was talking to my hubby this morning. We have both been in the middle of an emotional upheaval and have felt so drained. I was telling him that lately I’ve just felt so tired, just longing to be back in bed, curled up. 244 more words


Magic Trick: Turning Water into Ice!

Looking to impress your kids?  Well here’s a cool little trick you can try to pull off!

How can you turn water instantly into ice by  pouring water into 3 cups? 45 more words

Lover Fate

My mind takes steps,
In this dance with Fate,
Guiding and leading,
Based on the choices,
I make,
Whether to smile,
Or to frown,
To hold steady his gaze, 57 more words