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The Castle

The Green Harper ... Stuart France


“…all the great thinkers recognise the importance of rational thought but they also recognise the importance of getting beyond the rational and that is where the myths and fairy stories come in… Plato spends the greater part of his master work ‘The Republic’ berating the poets and story-tellers for telling lies in their myths and then he ends his opus with… a myth.” 124 more words


The Land of Fey

The Land of the Fey (or Faerie) exists anywhere magick is taken as fact above fiction. In these mystical places I so adore, serendipity, mystery and connection reign as high truth. 956 more words


Beyond the Vale (Merlin Fanfic)

Author: BeyondTheStorm

FanFiction ID: 7418736

Status: Complete (28 Chapters)

My rating: 5 of 5

Merlin told Arthur it was a bad idea–not that Arthur listened. Did he ever? 431 more words


The next mayor of Atlanta

Why, yes, that IS me riding Magic down Atlanta’s Sweet Auburn Avenue (where I ride often) in a commercial for a candidate for Atlanta mayor! I’m not quite sure how this happened — I’m just trusting the journey here, folks. 70 more words

Pieces of Peace?

I’ve been pre-reading this week. I often read books that I am considering as gifts for others. I saw what looked like some common sense fun for young pagan women this week.   356 more words

Pagan Life