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The Verb That Terrible People Do To Baby Seals

I have now officially made it my quest to become immortal!  No more of this ‘getting injured’ or ‘growing older.’ That is for weaklings possessing naught but a speck of my power. 538 more words

God Is Not Magic

Lent 1C – God Is Not Magic

Psalm 91:1-2, 9-16

Luke 4:1-13

February 14, 2016

Throughout Lent, we’ll be taking a special look at the psalms. 948 more words

Warlord (I) - Reunion

The inn was cozy, kept warm and illuminated by hearth fire. Friendly conversation filled the air, along with a simple, lively song from the lute of a traveling bard. 1,610 more words


Book Review: A Man of Character (Margaret Locke)

A Man of Character

Author: Margaret Locke

Publisher: Locked On Love (self-published)

Genres: Romance

Subgenres: Romantic Comedy, Paranormal Romance

Reviewer: Sara

Rating: 4 “Running Moms” 529 more words


To What Shall I Liken the Kingdom? -- The Faberge Egg

I awoke this morning with this phrase ringing through my mind, “To what shall I liken the Kingdom?”…

And I remembered, when I was a little kid, the fabulous Easter Egg Dioramas. 731 more words

Little Monk

Music can take you to your dream life

Music is such a powerful source for uplifting our frequency. It has the power to uplift our frequency to the highest or pull it down to the lowest. 443 more words

Law Of Attraction

Happy Valentine's Day

With love floating along in the air it’s a great idea to grab hold onto it. Take a moment to pause and reflect on yourself before heading out to have an amazing date with your loved one. 731 more words