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Bride's Well in Glastonbury

The Victorian revival of Glastonbury as Avalon began here. A generation before Dion Fortune, a group of seekers played out a magical working in the landscape of Glastonbury, concealing and discovering a Holy Grail in the waters of an elusive well associated in legend with the goddess and saint Bride.   1,147 more words

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The Music of What Happens

In the Tales of the Boyhood of Fionn¹, there is an interesting debate among Fionn and his friends as to what was the finest music in the world: 264 more words

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The Sleeping Giant of Cribarth

This summer I went to visit some sites in the upper Tawe Valley in South Wales. I was interested in following up some hints left by a druid about the Valley of the Ancients – “the most holy pagan site in Wales” [1]. 481 more words

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Something I wrote some years ago now…

It’s 8pm and I’m on my way to a Samhain celebration in suburban London. The main wave of candy-seeking children has now passed, but a few gangs of witches and skeletons still walk, pumpkin lanterns blurred by the billowing mist from car exhausts. 350 more words

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It’s that time of year again when we say goodbye to the summer and enter into the dark half of the year; Samhain roughly translates as “end of summer”. 1,403 more words

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Remembering the Ancestors

I gave this talk in the lead up to Samhain 2003.


Tonight is about remembering the ancestors. We remember them in the waters of life, flowing down the generations.  2,946 more words

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Sacred Waters

A recurrent theme in my explorations over the last few years is that of sacred waters. Waters rising from the ground in springs and wells carry a sense of the riches of the dark underworld coming into consciousness. 409 more words

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