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Magical moments

During every day that we live around us are magical moments occurring.

Yet, most of the time we are too busy to notice them.

It could be people, nature, words, sounds, smells… 97 more words


Molly Roberts on "Art Magick" and Creativity

What is the connection between art and “the Art”?  Molly Roberts is someone I follow on YouTube because I think she has a unique voice and cares about sharing her insights in a way that can empower others.  11 more words

Black Snake Conjure

Interview: Have we lost the magic in Life?

Have we lost the magic in life? by Nick Farrell

Interview with Nick Farrell by Alfredo Alcázar with the translation of Jean-Paul Bauval at the XVIII ACCE Forum that took place in Nerja (Málaga) from December 1 to 3, 2017. 13 more words


Codex Whatever: Dark Fluff Occult Books and Personal Insignificance

The fact that there is a “dark fluff” genre of occult writing doesn’t surprise me.  Anyone who starts to look for meaning outside established channels of consensus culture encounters poorly written, poorly sourced occultnik marketing before long (sometimes immediately).  1,652 more words

Black Snake Conjure

HEAP of Abundance

What is HEAP of Abundance?

My HEAP of Abundance Course stands for Happily Ever After Program of Abundance. IT will change your life! I can tell you some of the ways in can change your life but once you are doing it, your life will change in ways you can’t even imagine! 240 more words

The Red Spear of Lyra

A little bit of space amazingness: it seems that our recent interstellar visitor has an unusual shape – long and thin as in this artist’s reconstruction. 167 more words

Magical Life

Hocus Focus.

For a problem focus on a solution.
For a direction focus on the path.
For clarity focus on what you don’t see.
For answers focus and listen openly. 76 more words

Daily Prompt.