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The Cailleach at Sligo

This summer I visited Sligo on the Northwest coast of Ireland, looking for traces of the Cailleach, the crone of Irish legend. What I found there was a prehistoric ritual landscape of breathtaking scale, and finally an intimation of the Cailleach herself. 1,747 more words

Magical Life

life opportunities.

I was going to find several articles about college majors and how they compare to each other and start this article with those links.Then I went searching 819 more words

Magical Life

A Collection of Thoughts

It’s been a few weeks since my last blog post, but its not for lack of trying. I have more drafts sitting in the wings than I care to admit, but none of them are anywhere near finished or ready to publish. 848 more words


The House of the Old Man

Many years ago I read about an ancient shrine to the goddess hidden away in a remote highland glen. It was written about in Twilight of the Celtic Gods… 1,426 more words

Magical Life

A Fulfilling Life (Pt. 2)

Last time we talked, it was about how important it is to have a dream or a purpose that you love and that makes your life worth living. 558 more words


Why Magik with a K?

There is no limit to the power of the thought currant you can attract to you nor limit to the things that can be done through the individual by it. 310 more words

Law Of Attraction

The Hosting of the Sidhe

I’ve enjoyed W B Yeats’ poems since I was a teenager, and recently I’ve been reading more about his magical life and his ambitions to found a mystical order based on the sacred places and spirits of Ireland.   1,671 more words

Magical Life