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Sacred Waters

A recurrent theme in my explorations over the last few years is that of sacred waters. Waters rising from the ground in springs and wells carry a sense of the riches of the dark underworld coming into consciousness. 409 more words

Magical Life

How I came to the British Mysteries

One of the reasons I am so pleased that The Dancing Floor film is being made is that my first contact with the mysteries was through something similar. 346 more words

Magical Life

Sacred Oak and a Perpetual Choir

We recently went took a walk to a very sacred Oak tree called the White Leaved Oak.  This tree is said to be one of the sites of the Perpetual Choirs of Albion at which the Druids would keep up a perpetual chants.   107 more words

Magical Life

The Dancing Floor

My friend Lyn Webster Wilde is making a film with its roots in the mythology of ancient Britain, which promises to be a magical experience! As she says on her… 300 more words

Magical Life

Way of the Ghost Hare - Spirit Element

Now we come to the one that most people miss out on, they cover the elements, the physical world but misses out on the one thing we need to interact with the rest of the spiritual world out there. 565 more words


4 Ways to Bring Magic to Your Morning Routine: Crafting a Magical Life, Part One

Welcome to a new blog series on Greenwoman Studio, Crafting a Magical Life. This series was inspired by several conversations with my best friend, in which we lamented the difficulty of making time and space in our lives for more spiritual activities. 1,030 more words


How to Sparkle at Parties - Even If You're an Introvert!

This is me when you invite me to a thing:

And this is me the day of your thing:

I’m getting better, though, because I’m tired of being anxious every time, and I refuse to be that person who flakes out and doesn’t show up at the last minute. 594 more words