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Hocus Focus.

For a problem focus on a solution.
For a direction focus on the path.
For clarity focus on what you don’t see.
For answers focus and listen openly. 76 more words

Daily Prompt.

Vine Month

According to the Celtic Tree calendar today is the first day of Vine month, and the grapes on my little vine are ripening, whilst the birds and I keep a watchful eye! 86 more words

Magical Life

Worshipping Space

A friend asked me the other day what I worshipped in nature – was it trees, rivers, mountains for example? I’m not quite sure about ‘worship’, but thinking for a while, I went for… 126 more words

Magical Life

Healing Dreams

I recently had major surgery, and during the early days of recovery I experienced a lot of dreaming which I think was to do with the healing process. 318 more words

Magical Life

Why do children believe in magic while adults don't?

Yesterday Wayland and I did our Mabinogion workshop again, at a rural primary school near Hay in Wales.  We tell the children we have been sent by the… 879 more words

Myth And Magic

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My friends Lyn and Wayland, educating children in real magic!


In life it’s important to have balance. Balance of work, family, goals, success,failure, dreams, and everything else in between. Balance gives us a quality feeling of zen and keeps us happy every single day. With…

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How To Believe In Miracles, Magic, And Your Own Super Powers Again

Do you have a fertile imagination? Do you believe in miracles? I know I do and as a kid it was especially so (as is the case with most of us). 1,492 more words