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Magical Moments

You never know when magic might pop into your life… so you can’t give up on life or give up on yourself. The magical moments that come into our lives heal all the painful parts. 17 more words


Your Love For Someone Never Dies, And 23 Other Insights About Being On Planet Earth

1. The magic of life is the tragedy of life. We find meaning and value in that which is denied to us: complete communication with others, love that wholly overcomes loneliness, happiness, complete self-knowledge. 603 more words

Submit To The Magic

Goodness gracious me, there’s a lot going on in the sky right now. March is hands down the busiest and most transformative month this year, which means the winds of change are howling through our lives. 734 more words


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Ingrid and the Blue Balloon. A Magical Verité by Denise Gow

The idea of being eternally guided is a tempting one: that decisions don’t have to be made but instead everything will be revealed in some mystical meaningful way appeals to all and moves everyday existence from the mundane to the magical. 1,960 more words

A Magical Verité

The Coyote and the Wolf

Let me tell you about the story of the Coyote and the Wolf. There was this Coyote who such a non-believer in everything. He was such a non-believer that even if something stared him right in the face he would question everything about what he had just witnessed with his own eyes. 573 more words


Fair-weather Wizard

A lot of people do magic, or come to magic, because their lives are not what they want and they want to make them better. That’s awesome. 225 more words

Magical Life