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Inspiration, Creativity, and Big Magic

Lately, I’ve felt incredibly uninspired. I don’t know why. I thought I was doing everything right. I’ve been actively writing more, I’ve been thinking about writing more, there just isn’t anything coming out. 234 more words

Creative Writing

I Worry Too Much: 8/365

It’s one of those mornings. I wake up worried, a whirlpool of panic threatening to suck me in. I’ve been up since 3am with a coughing baby who soaked through her diaper. 942 more words

Law of Attraction, Divine Retribution

Photo: Wheel of Fortune, detail, by Edward Byrne-Jones. Source (x)

When I started this blog, I wanted it to be a place for me to spread my wings by practicing my interpretation and jotting down my astrological musings; and if I’m true to that, it means from time to time, I’m going to have opinions that people don’t like or agree with, and today, this is that post. 1,995 more words

Magical Thinking: Happy, Healthy, or Hazardous?

Do you make wishes over birthday candles? That’s magical thinking. Have you crossed your fingers, wished someone good luck, tried to “push” the long fly ball fair or foul? 514 more words

Surviving And Thriving

Empathy, Birds, and the Changing Internal Landscape: 3/365

My daughter was born during a cold and snowy winter. We lived by the water in a second-floor apartment, and I can still hear the scraping rhythm of her dad shoveling the long driveway while we looked down from our warm perch. 499 more words

Magic banana

I’ve never liked bananas. Banana bread? Yes. Banana pancakes? Sure. But plain bananas = blah. Fruit should be juicy; end of discussion.

That said, I buy bananas all the time. 887 more words