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American Values & Greatness

America may need to rethink the notion that our country’s values are what made us great (or make us great). I say ‘rethink’ because it is so routinely stated as some sort of axiomatic truth. 511 more words


Richer rich, killer cats

Wyoming wind tax will not be increased—seems no one wanted their schools to have more revenue, so the proposal died. Interesting that parents felt cutting school budgets was the way to go. 169 more words

How Green Turbines Are Not

Bias Against Our Own Kind

I hear some lawyers say, “I don’t like other lawyers. They’re money hungry and unscrupulous.”

I hear some police officers say, “I can’t stand other cops. 644 more words


Just One More Fix

So powerful, like mind control,
this gift I have to fix it all.
I launch my thoughts like cannon balls,
to pulverise the fortress walls. 67 more words


Laughter Yoga - Gimmick or Game?

I was listening to a podcast from Studio 360 called, Can Laughing Make us Healthier?, and my first thought was, everybody’s got a gimmick. 643 more words


Lovely as a Nothing - 6/21/16

Illusions to live by,

the hidden tier in

the hierarchy of needs!

For, how could we function

if bluntly faced with

the truth.

Make From You - 6/20/16

It really wouldn’t

be the same without

all the usual players;

forgive me while I write

with real life; and oh,

the cast is stellar.