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Reforming Health Care through Magical Thinking, or, Governance as the Art of Pulling Stuff out of your Ass

Unlike some people he could name, Aardvark understands the difference between a hunch and a proven fact. Aardvark does not claim his hunches are proven facts. 154 more words


Adult Peer Pressure

We all like to think we’re immune to it, but advertising and market research says we’re not.

In the Hidden Brain radio podcast, We’re More alike than Different, Thanks to Peer Pressure’s Relentless Influence… 760 more words


Of Mindfulness and Magic

I studied my forehead like I’d done almost every morning for the last year, observing closely just how much the scar between my eyebrows had faded, or if it had gotten worse, and then feeling a frustration rise up in my throat, a tightening of my neck muscles as I remembered the moment when I endured the injury that gave me the scar: cutting across a parking lot and walking headlong into a wire stretched so taut it was like walking into a brick archway. 1,947 more words


Fake News, Professional Conspiracy Theorists, and Magical Thinking.

This is political. It also relates to systems and magic, which are topics I often delve into in my blog.

Some people, possibly a large number of them, find conspiracy theories more compelling that evidence based conclusions. 741 more words

The Art of Relating: Are You Entitled?

“When faced with making fantasy and reality consistent with one another so that you can accept the truth of what has happened/ is happening, or what you feel, do, or are being, you opt for the illusions, which suspends you in No Man’s Land while opening you up to problems in the real world. 573 more words


Antidote for the Christmas Blues

There’s a dirty little secret about the holidays:   the very time of year we Americans are supposed to be the happiest is when we’re the most depressed. 760 more words

Humble Musings On Today's Culture

Magical Thinking

Did not know this was a psychological disorder. I mean after all Joan Didion seemed to make it mainstream. Paulo Coelho flat out encourages it. Following the breadcrumbs laid down by the universe, imagining significance and symbolism directed to guide you, asking the universe for a sign—and getting one that is personalized—just for you? 644 more words