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Tearing Down Stoneman Douglas HS

Apparently, Florida lawmakers are already vowing to raze and replace the building at Stoneman Douglas High School that was the site of a recent school shooting, at a cost of $30 million. 195 more words

Odds (Haibun)

Torn between science
and magical thinking
I wish with all my might
for world peace, my health,
the health of my loved ones,
rain, the cessation of rain, 31 more words


Nikolas Cruz and his undefined "mental illness"

The Florida shooter has been identified as “the epitome of evil” by one (or many?) anchors on Fox News Channel, with an astounding conformity to the resistance of the media to any but religious (specifically Manichaean) definitions of the moral spectrum: presumably, a strong dose of “love” would have eliminated the horrors of “hate” wrought by this young adult. 283 more words


Ten points for an eight-pointed game

Atu: The Fool

Lunar Intention: Decompression

Location: 8.74° N, 76.72° E (Varkala, India)

  1. The fundamental rule is that there are no rules, rules serving to constrict the creative expansion and flow necessary for play.
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Give a dog a bone, and some germs and bugs too!

van Bree, F.O.J, Bokken, G.C.A.M., Mineur, R., Franssen, F., Opsteegh, M., van der Giessen, J.W.B., Lipman, L.J.A. and Paul A M Overgaauw, P.A.M. (2017) ‘Zoonotic bacteria and parasites found in raw meat-based diets for cats and dogs’, … 327 more words

Veterinary Medicine

Angela, 30, Michigan, USA

I was looking through a window at a world I was not a part of.

My name is Angela, and I have hiding spots, in each city I’ve lived in thus far.

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The Wall

Not Oprah For President

I sometimes think about which Presidents I’d like to have to my house for dinner. Who would I welcome in to spend time with my family? 741 more words