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For years now I have yearned to find a sea potato, those fragile, heart-shaped, star-marked members of the sea urchin family. Given the amount of time in my life I have spent walking beaches with a bowed head it has quite aggravated me that these beautiful, delicate sculptures of nature have eluded me not to mention that no-one else seems to have any problem finding them. 606 more words


The Art of Manifesting

It takes real magical thinking to be a master at manifesting.  Magical thinking is a state in which you override that part of your mind that casts doubt, projects fear and keeps you centered in logic.  575 more words

The Art Of Manifesting

President Obama Says Florida Will Disappear In His Children's Lifetime....

Florida is, on average, 3 feet above sea level

(CNSNews.com) – Speaking at an event held in a private home in San Francisco on Friday evening, President Barack Obama warned: 75 more words

It goes on..

The CBT continues, fortnightly now rather than weekly. I know the theory well and can anticipate the answers my therapist requires. This whole theory works on anxiety generally, I can see that. 330 more words


week 13

out of the frying pan

Another page from my sketch book. this one is again based on an old pulp cover. The original image was a fisherman harpooning a fish. 233 more words

Water Color

Magical Thinking

Believing in the causal relationship between actions and events that can’t be justified simply by reason and observation is a tripping point for many who have a hard time embracing a life rooted in faith in Jesus Christ. 553 more words

Daily Thoughts

Shit or Sage - 6/6/15

Will you, won’t you, do you, don’t you:

perhaps it’s been written before.

Though, words come to mean,

quite not the same thing,

times after; 10 more words