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Part of a novel which turned into a very short story…

            She used to say if I really wanted something to happen I should draw a picture of it, close my eyes and wish. 885 more words

Creative Writing


Faster than a speeding bullet, he can jump over high buildings, and stronger than a locomotive—it’s Superman!

Those words stirred in my nine-year-old boyhood life. My mother would call me into the house yelling, “William, the serials are on.” The serial I like the most was Superman. 1,364 more words

Christian Reflections

OCD, Magical Thinking, and Thought / Action Fusion

Dr Burns,

Have you ever come across a form of anxiety where people think they have done something just because they had the thought of doing it? 563 more words

Ask Dr. David

Coincidence is Coloured Green

I fell in love with someone because they had the same birthday as my deceased mother.
I was broke and needed money for cat food, and found exactly the right  amount whilst walking to work one morning. 247 more words

More on Luck (Or Moron Luck)

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night worrying about a catastrophe that almost happened, but didn’t.

Really?! I’m worrying about the past? Don’t I have enough things I could drive myself crazy with? 711 more words


Anxiety and Magical Thinking

Hi web visitors,

The following is a note about anxiety that I just sent to my Tuesday training group at Stanford this week, and it occurred to me that you might find it of interest. 248 more words

Feeling Good Blog

The Role of Chance and Luck in Life

Although we work harder in life when we believe we’re the master of our fate, if we don’t acknowledge the role of luck, we’re bound to be either… 805 more words