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Spilt Milk

I have lost Jack.

And two photo albums.

No doubt more things are missing. For example, just yesterday, I offered to make some Christmas treats for the Cobalt Library fundraiser in December. 646 more words

In Other News

Magical Thinking                                                                              Oct. 5

“Magical thinking is a clinical term used to describe a wide variety of nonscientific and sometimes irrational beliefs.” Sometimes magical thinking is socially acceptable. “There are instances where magical thinking is socially acceptable such as is the case in many religious and cultural traditions such as those that believe in the existence of spirits, demons, and other entities…it is important to distinguish between scientific hypothesis, which is normal, and abject belief in a situation, which may demonstrate magical thinking….Magical thinking is sometimes symptomatic of a mental disorder. 757 more words


The Profound Difference Between Hope/Optimism, and Possibility

Hope and optimism, as defined, promoted, and legitimized by 21st century human society and government, always involve magical thinking. Hope and optimism exist as beliefs… 606 more words

Child Abuse

Sunday Sermon: The Rapture

Hola Everybody,
According to some brilliant asshole, the rapture was supposed to be upon us starting yesterday, September 23rd. It seems like the rapture is upon us, proving that conservative, fundamentalist Christians have been right all along. 940 more words


Form Follows Function on SPaMCast 459

I’m back for another appearance on Tom Cagley’s Software Process and Measurement (SPaMCast) podcast.

This week’s episode, number 459, features Tom’s essay on resistance to change. 114 more words

Organizations As Systems

Please Help "Unraveled" Be Published!

That’s a rather demanding title. Don’t worry, I won’t order you about. :) But I did want to share some exciting news about the book I blogged about a year ago here on Once Upon a Yarn! 672 more words

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