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Brilliant - Howard Dean Drops Out of DNC Race Paving Way for Keith Ellison...

Oh, the good news just keeps on coming. We are one step closer to actually seeing Keith Ellison as the Chairman of the DNC. We should do everything possible to ensure his success in this quest. 108 more words

Separating magical thinking from creativity...if they can be parsed

The magic(k)ian Aleister Crowley defined “magick” (as distinct from stage magic) as the art of causing change in accordance with Will*.  While I could say that this looks all right on the surface, I’d also have to say that my little experiment with magic(k)al thinking over the past several days has been a bit crazymaking. 1,253 more words


Epic: Maria Bartiromo -vs- Jonathan Gruber...

Reason #756 Why Donald Trump won the election…

Oh brother, is this video ever epic and telling.  Maria Bartiromo interviews Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber on the impact of ObamaCare on small business and U.S. 17 more words

Magical Thinking the Psychological Case Against Magic

Magical Thinking the Psychological Case Against Magic

Virginia Carraway Stark

Magical Thinking is a term used by psychologists and psychiatrists to refer to an erroneous idea that what someone’s actions or thoughts are has a direct impact on the world around them. 2,927 more words


Magical Mystery Tour

Sometimes I have this stupid feeling of being a magical being. Like that I have some weird ability to sense stuff, like an extrasensory sense. Extrasensory perception I guess it would be called. 153 more words

Financial Independence Is a Good Goal, But a Bad Goalpost

Before we begin… Today I’m thrilled to be featured (again!) on CaitFlanders.com, this time as a part of Cait’s Coffee Date series. Check it out… 1,600 more words

Early Retirement