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Gratitude: Week four

When I try to remember back to the days of recordings on VHS tapes, my memory is fuzzy—a mixture of magical thinking and nostalgia. I can’t remember one single recording that was actually saved on a tape, all I can remember is opening up the VHS cassettes by pushing the tiny square button on the side and lifting the protective “lid” to look at the magnetic tape inside. 521 more words


Magical Thinking about Isis

Magical Thinking about Isis

Adam Shatz

Before the Lebanese civil war, Beirut was known as the Paris of the Middle East. Today, Paris looks more and more like the Beirut of Western Europe, a city of incendiary ethnic tension, hostage-taking and suicide bombs. 3,694 more words


Appropriate And Inappropriate Use of Magical Thinking

What’s magical thinking? There are two-sides to magical thinking. On one side, it is the very thing we all crave—it is the belief in that which we can’t see. 1,013 more words

Park It -- Jone Victoria -- November 25, 2008

What is the most irritating thing about going shopping? After cutting out mall rats, not finding a salesperson, or tolerating annoying music that assaults your senses — it has to be… 241 more words

Astrology Notes

Dismissing Evolution (Magical Thinking, Part 2)

When I was younger I dismissed evolution because (I thought) it describes a world that isn’t magical. A world governed only by its own repetitive cause and effect that seemed lifeless, cold, and machine-like. 347 more words


Song of the Sea Nursery

Song of the Sea Nursery by remembrancestone featuring Cost Plus World Market

My kids and I are obsessed with The Song of the Sea movie! You can watch it on Amazon prime or purchase the DVD. 136 more words