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Magical Thinking BS

So I thought I would jump on here and talk a little bit about something that has really been bothering me lately, magical thinking. Magical thinking is a means of elevating your own status in an effort to give a higher purpose to ones life, however, from my own experience it tends to lead people down a path to depression, sickness, and alienation from reality. 1,162 more words


The Idealistic Dreamer: Risking Everything with No Plan B

There are two types of dreamers: the realist and the idealist. While a realist sets an achievable goal, an idealist is more likely to pursue a pipe dream: “an idea or plan that is impossible or very unlikely to happen.”1 They can become obsessed with their dream, overestimate their chances of success, and make foolish decisions. 866 more words


New York Fed Sees U.S. Economy Growing 3.2% in Fourth Quarter...

All leading economic forecasters said it would be impossible for President Trump’s MAGAnomic plans to generate 3% GDP growth in the first year.  President Obama said it was impossible and Trump would need a “ 271 more words

Dear Sara...

This week a parent shares a timely question…

Hi Sara,

Question: What is real?

 For a while, maybe a year, our now 5-year-old son has asked questions about what is real, such as: 800 more words

Neurocam and the theatre of re-enchantment (Part 3)

So deeply did some of the Jejune Institute’s participants descend down the rabbit hole that the project’s creators had to organise a mass debrief and closing ritual to gently return them to the real world. 1,193 more words


Hollow October

A broken shadow moon
within his silent memory,
descending into the engulfing
blue flame

a rising scream
to pierce through,
an agape

tender times


Spilt Milk

I have lost Jack.

And two photo albums.

No doubt more things are missing. For example, just yesterday, I offered to make some Christmas treats for the Cobalt Library fundraiser in December. 646 more words

In Other News