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How Magical Thinking Impacts Children

Children think differently from adults. Their stories and great imaginations keep us laughing, but their misunderstandings can cause them painful memories that haunt them for a lifetime. 348 more words


Living Magically

The other day I was browsing in the¬†Works and picked up a book titled ‘Living Magically’. it looked promising. The blurb said it had changed countless lives… Well that’s good… It said it provided the tools and techniques of metaphysics… impressive… it promised to help me to¬†rediscover my inner wisdom (assuming I had any in the first place)… what could go wrong. 173 more words

Magical Thinking

Magical thinking

Grief is a complicated state. We all carry parts of ourselves from different ages trying to understand how someone so loved can be here one moment and gone forever the next. 1,842 more words

A Bridge Too Far

When I was seven years old, I received a backasswards gift of sorts. One that would be part of my life forever onward.

It was then, in the mid-1950s, that my world imploded and my family splintered apart. 1,269 more words

"Who made you a god?"

I’m old and fortunate to be old. I’m stable, content and happy to be where I am, and the truth is that living as I do, in a small town in Wyoming, with a sublime wilderness that begins a block from my house, and extends for hundreds of miles, is 90% of why I’m alright. 383 more words

Asperger's Human Experience