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Financial Independence Is a Good Goal, But a Bad Goalpost

Before we begin… Today I’m thrilled to be featured (again!) on CaitFlanders.com, this time as a part of Cait’s Coffee Date series. Check it out… 1,600 more words

Early Retirement

The Month of Magical Thinking

After Joan Didion’s husband of 40 died, she wrote a book called, “The Year of Magical Thinking.”


She wrote it in loneliness and ironic sadness. It wasn’t just that her husband had died, but also, her only daughter was in the hospital close to death, also. 843 more words


Purple like my true love is

I seize your voice,
And sink it into the purple waves.
The spillage pours into my aura.
When I can’t understand the overflow of language; 68 more words


ITV help

This is taken from the ITV website, I’ve copied it out in case they take the page down, you can hopefully find the original here: 591 more words


OCD - Compulsions - 5

Trigger warning, please take care.

Hmm compulsions…

I suffer with physical and mental compulsions.

Compulsions are a way of coping with intrusive thoughts and other symptoms of OCD. 1,266 more words


"Special" People

by Mark English

I don’t know if it makes much sense to talk about some people having a privileged background. These days this usually means having rich parents. 1,690 more words


12 reasons why new age sucks

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now, onto the clickbait. as a young person, my direct exposure to other religions was sheltered, although i did get a few glimpses of the ‘outside’ world from a few places and people – an gifted “enigma” CD, a headshop in a nearby college town, asking the lady at Magical Journeys how to use a pendulum. 2,305 more words