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Anticipating a Mind-Freaking Illusion

I’m a short person and when people stand up in front of me, I usually can’t see very much. So, ten minutes before the end of the show when the entertainer on the stage told everyone to stand, I didn’t. 616 more words

Living And Learning

Days of Future Past

“What would you do in this situation?” Toby asks. He glances up at the face before him imploringly.

The Wizard gazes gently through the mirror at his younger self considering the possible implications of his intervention. 393 more words


Spell Art, part Two

This image is for an animal summoning spell, or it could be used for a wizard summoning a familiar. The high contrast art style is really starting to click for me now, and I’m getting pretty excited about getting to work on more images!



Like a mix between Magic Mike and Criss Angel, The Naked Magicians was a highly entertaining way to kick off the Adelaide Fringe season.

Magicians Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler started their show fully clothed to the tune of Macklemore (whom Wayne looks strikingly like). 282 more words

What's On In Adelaide

A Magician's Tricks

Floating through the air with the wings of an angel,

Escaping from the chains which suspended her lifeless body above ground between reality and imagined perfection. 38 more words


15 Feb 18: The Magician

You can do anything. 

You humble me with your presence, o Wizard. #1 in the Major Arcana, this magician – who in ‘olden times’ was every bit as important as a priest or any advisor to the King – is the alchemist who has spread out before him on a table the seeds (aces) of the elements – a cup (water, emotion) a coin (earth, grounding, matter) a sword (thought and action) and holds to the sky his wand (receiving the spark). 190 more words