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Deal 382: Tricky 3

The audience grew quiet with anticipation as a single volunteer made his way to the stage.

The volunteer was somewhat apprehensive. The giant machine that filled the stage did nothing to calm his nerves. 354 more words

Daily Deal

How it all works and how a trade show magician can help you.

1. It breaks the ice and makes it easier for you to do your job. A laughing prospect is an easier one to sell to. The presentation will give you a conversation starter to use with your customers both during and after the show. 317 more words

Street Magician, Old Town Waterfront

The Old Town Waterfront is usually bustling with activity, but no more so than on weekends and holidays. This is the time when tourists are abundant and the street performers plentiful. 37 more words


Deal 381: Tricky 2

A volunteer joins the magician on stage, where he finds an antique relic of a typewriter complete with a sheet of paper poised to become the first page of the next great novel. 850 more words

Daily Deal


The cards for today speak of situations at a standstill. The question is: Now what? It takes a trick to achieve release after the full stop, after accomplishment. 46 more words

Deal 380: Tricky 1

After intermission, the house lights cut out fairly abruptly, leaving many in the audience dazzled as they adjusted to the sudden darkness. Quiet music played, but not soothing music. 322 more words

Daily Deal

Cotton Candy Clouds

My friend Laura (@elastword on twitter) and I have been threatening to do a pass along story for a long time and we’ve finally done it. 4,366 more words