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"It's still magic even if you know how it's done"*...

There’s a war being waged in the dark corners of the internet. On one side are kleptomaniac pirates hiding in secret communities. On the other side is the law.

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Palm Reading

In addition to being a magician I am also a very experienced palmist. I found this on you tube and I didn’t even know it was there!

Mythology of Remnas #6- The Magefolk

The Magefolk are unique among the descendants of the Seed Tribe in that their physical appearance remained unaltered. They lack raw strength, fangs or claws, and while they live longer on the whole than Seedmen, their lives are shorter than the rest of the races of Remnas. 875 more words



London, May 21, 2014

A man walked along the Thames from the Bridge towards the Eye, on his way to supper at the Sherlock Holmes Pub. 559 more words

Michael De Kock Blog

she finds old characters

The Unexciting Chronicle
of Miles Glass to His Caravan
By Miles Glass, Reality & His Imagination

minute (1)one :
A falcon-feathered grenadine syrup birdbath, they say, commingled with a flippin’ your fin-splash of mermaid honey-colored, sparkling ginger ale (a medicinal concoction, mind you, brainchild of a Doctor.) +1V.I.P. 366 more words


The Handcuff King

Young Erich Weisz had an eye for the unusual. Born in 1874 to Rabbi Mayer and Cecilia Weisz, the Hungarian-born immigrant was always looking for new ways to bring an income to his family. 1,028 more words