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"If You Don't See Now, You Never See Any More": Tony Slydini's Close-Up Magic


You don’t often get to see how the mechanics of sleight of hand and misdirection are accomplished by a master. But in this signature routine of magician Tony Slydini, “Paper Balls Over the Head,” the audience is in on the trick from the beginning.

Thanks to YouTuber Michael Lyons


KMS ver. 1.2.280 - MapleStory Nova: History, Another Story!

The third patch of the MapleStory Nova update: History, Another Story has been released. This one contains Cadena’s 5th job skills, new 5th skills for all classes, and a new episode in the Dimensional Library. 4,040 more words


from ten to one

30 day tarot challenge, day 5:

What’s my message for the day?

The ten of coins (again!) has morphed into a tree of mythical creatures, surrounded by golden objects. 54 more words


Corporate event entertainment as a way to corporate success through building healthier relationships

The word corporate refers to something ‘relating to corporation’, but on turning the pages of history we get yet another meaning ‘united or combined into one body’. 450 more words

Corporate Entertainment

KMST ver. 1.2.053 - New Cadena & All Jobs 5th Job Skills!

The new test server patch brings new 5th job skills for all jobs as well as Cadena’s (finally). Cadena’s new 5th job skill, Chain Arts: Fury is even cooler than Night Walker’s Dominion!! 2,534 more words