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This fantastic sight was left well alone after reading the warning etched at the tunnel’s entrance by the great wizard, Foolio. This legend was a much misunderstood and underrated magician, who was often overlooked and underestimated by his peers for his namesake.  227 more words


Only a call away

Deuteronomy 4:7: “For what great nation great nation is there that has a god so near to it as is the LORD our God whenever we call upon Him? 1,286 more words


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I clearly understand your point, and tend to approve it. However, the various miraculous interventions of God are not out of his will. God has no will, no desire, no goal, no religion, no disciples, no believers. It is just that the state of mind or the psychical dynamics into which “prayers”, “meditation” put the subject, generates a particular energy, responsible for the positive outcome. “Ask and you will receive” does not mean that we have to formulate a question or a solicitation, nor that someone effectively hears the question and prepares an answer. In those days, such phrase meant: “Exploit the cosmic energies of Nature, for they are free, unconditional. Become a magician so as to envelop yourself with the subtle energetic shield that will protect you from psychological stress, whatever the situation.” Mental equilibrium is the key, and it rhymes with superior or with what I have labelled as an “aristocratic ecology”. “The Kingdom is in your midst” means that the access to supra- or parallel, superior dimensions is free of charge, within Nature itself. When they say that God will recognize its people, it just means that those who have no material expectations, thanks to their magical knowledge of Nature, already enjoy their condition. And since we talk to trees and to animals, we also talk to our ancestors, those who, after an earthy life, live among the fundamental forces of Creation, after they supposedly die. (Energy never gets lost, it is transformed). “Angels”, “army of God” – all expressions of your own ancestors, who now have full access to metaphysical faculties. I’ve lost my mother, my sister and several children, yet I rarely cry, for I still talk to them as I talk to any other physical being. They’re not dead, they had a mission they did it, and, now, they find themselves in a dimension where they have another mission. Fortunately for me, as an African Jew, I still have many magicians in the family. So we are able to enter into contact with the dead: we do the opposite of what the Christian (political) church states, because we are effectively Christians, not “followers”. We do not let priests or rabbis come between God and us, just as our master Jesus Christ taught us. There is no room for non-magicians in the Kingdom of heaven: that is the good news. You have no choice: you either learn how to talk to the elements of nature, how to heal people, how to communicate telepathically, just like Jesus did, then you can say you are a Christian, a Jew or a Muslim. Otherwise, you are just a somnambulist. We believe in nothing, we see things. What is “holy”, “eternal”, “saint”, “pure”, “innocent”? This very metaphysical Creation called Universe or Earth, with all its cosmic secrets. What is cursed? “Money”: that which satisfies the ego (as opposed to the conscience, the “I”). The intellect is a morbid calculating platform. It is responsible for the confusion of languages that prevent modern people from fully understanding the underlying meaning of sacred books: you don’t read with the soul, but only with a computer (brain), with man-made predefined signs (signs which you call “numbers”, “letters”, and whose coordination appears to you as something that you qualify as being “rational”). Creation is not rational. God is not rational. God has no brain. God does not do mathematics, nor physics. We, the magicians, do not have to go to school to learn divine principles. It is implanted in us. Tyrants, democratic politicians and their confused masses of mass consumers are created to train us, we the magicians: they are training adversaries for selective purposes, they allow us to develop our own magical faculties, thanks to our instinctively resisting reflexes towards Western-based, materialistic “ideologies”. Those who live according to republican, capitalistic or socialist values, do so because they are not genetically capable of “feeling” the occult forces. They must live several lives to attain such wisdom and power. Look at your Western billionaires: all degenerates, spiritually incapable of envisioning new higher civilizations. They talk Christian, but most of them are beasts, created by God to train us, in order not to become like them, in order to show us what it means to be cursed. Nor will the bulk of the people ever get to know anything spiritual, despite their “convictions”. The Kingdom is not for masses, not for the depressed, not for the craving, not for the weak, not for the strong, not for the believer, it is for Magicians only. Read Isaiah, 10:22, about the “few”: “Though your people be like the sand by the sea, Israel, only a remnant will return. Destruction has been decreed, overwhelming and righteous.” Live another life, then you’ll see the blood of Christ. Yours, Levi (black Jew from Switzerland)

The Outfit

She was given a new outfit to wear and was told:
‘Check yourself in the mirror:’
Reflected she saw a young woman with dark short hair, 44 more words

Creative Writing

The Magician and the Princess of the Mist Cage manga Thoughts

Also called: Kirikagohime to Mahoutsukai ; The Magician and the Princess of the Mist Cage ; The Princess of the Mist Cage and The Magician. … 378 more words


See Magician Cody Landstrom at the Libraries

On Wednesday, July 29, the libraries are excited to host a Magic Show & Workshop with Cody Landstrom. At 9 a.m. at the downtown library (610 Quincy Street) or 1 p.m. 89 more words

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kMS ver. 1.2.240 - Kinesis the Supernatural & Enter the Dragon: Mu Lung Dojo!

The third patch of the Reboot update has been released, including the new job Kinesis and an updated Mu Lung Dojo! Kinesis actually received a few changes from the test server, the 1st and 2nd jobs are much better now haha. 5,945 more words


Wilmington Community Television's Family Fun Day Set For August 30

WILMINGTON, MA — Wilmington Community Television announced earlier this week it will holding its First Annual Family Fun Day on Sunday, August 30 from 1pm to 4pm at WCTV Headquarters (10 Waltham Street). 84 more words