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Tarot Triumphant One.

Center: 14 Temperance.

Left: 1 Magician.

Right: 9 of Cups.

The innate ability to turn one thing into another provides the path to pure happiness. And it is always available, no matter what situation you find yourself in.

9 Of Cups

Deal 646: Wagering with Death

“Let’s play a game,” the figure said. I was startled for a moment, because I was so sure I was alone. But in times like these, one is never alone. 620 more words

Daily Deal

The Night Circus (Book Review)

Dear Friend,

When I initially started reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, I felt like I was in the midst of a dream. It was a dream filled with Midnight Dinners and a tree that held candles on its branches instead of leaves, the flames flickering and trembling with the wishes of the people who ignited them. 1,544 more words


Rubiks Cube

Yesterday, sitting with a group of friends, I was handed a Rubiks Cube. Naturally, I asked if they wanted to see me solve it, and I threw the cube up into the air.  161 more words

The Secret Chamber

Morning Thought: When I was a magician, I had quite a few trick boxes. Open them up and they looked empty, like any box. But concealed within was some hidden treasure that only I knew about. 76 more words

Morning Thought