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And So It Is

I am the slayer of my demons, I am strong enough to fight

I recite my incantation, to expand my range of light.

I heal myself with writing, I heal others with my words… 166 more words



Just some guilty pleasures of allowing yourself some downtime during the Dark of the Moon in Virgo

To organize and reorganize what’s important to you… 239 more words


The Witch & Their Craft


To be a Witch means to create a connection with Nature, to become one with the forces that are guiding us all. It was also a label to call someone who used herbs and chants for healing purposes. 843 more words

Wiccan Education

morning ritual

it’s been three months since i quit my full time job. i discover and experience new emotions and states of being every week. one thing that’s become prominent lately, now that i’m home in athens, is that life without a conventional job schedule lacks structure. 665 more words


Magickal Parenting

By Magyk Mami

Most parents can agree that whether you are a working or stay at home parent taking care of a household can seem like running a muddy obstacle course.  1,487 more words

It is a constant dealing with the light.

As i find myself in the middle of the Dreaming, I know myself to be bombarded by an intense stream of light. It’s a light that leaves no shadows, because there is nothing there to stand between myself and the light. 372 more words

Koyote The Blind

Weekly Spell Casting October 16 – October 22, 2017

Weekly Spell Casting October 16 – October 22, 2017 gives you the optimal time to do specific spells and activities

Strong energy is available this week for beauty, partnership, assistance, banish negative forces, and self-improvement. 290 more words

Magickal And Spiritual Living