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Magical Confessions of a Poetry Chick(en); or How to Manifest What Your Heart Desires

I published the story of how before I became a national poetry slam chick, I used to be a cringing poetry chicken. It’s all about using magic to move past what we are afraid of and how to claim what we really want. 157 more words


Yesod and 32nd Path

Dear Brother,

I am glad the last lecture was of interest for you. So far you were able to get yourself acquainted with Kabbalistic way of thinking and the basics of its model of Reality. 4,889 more words



I reduced myself to a puppet

Just to play along with the strings of love

I let her take all of the things

I guarded all along… 108 more words

Medicinal & Magickal Tinctures

Written by Algoth’s Grove

“Your healing is at your fingertips, 

The whole earth is your pharmacy.”

                                                                 – Anonymous

You may not have the greenest fingers in the world, but that should not stop you from making your very own herbal tinctures.

871 more words

Paying Gratitude to Life

Hygge struck and opened me to gratitude when I was commuting home from class and had the chance to appreciate the midday sun, the Medicine Bow Mountains, and the large breadth of clouds as they filled the sky in the distance; full of rain and thunder. 416 more words


Mother pays tribute to beloved magician

Hi community!

Where can I get a deck of Tarot cards in Warrington? Mine are currently in storage.

Answers via the Contacts page.



Flat Earth isn't flat: Operation Mindfuck's Inner Circle

1968. A couple of kooky counterculturalists called Kerry Thornley and Robert Anton Wilson develop Operation Mindfuck (OM). In short, a decentralised campaign of guerrilla ontology employing elaborate pranks and performance art, designed to shock ‘victims’ into questioning their everyday realities. 793 more words