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Hecate Leadership

Great Hecate in this world of strife and Greed
There are often times when a Hero should Lead

As we travel down our Path
There are those that stoke or Wraith… 123 more words


From the Witch's Grimoire - Anointing Oil

General Purpose Anointing Oil

5 drops Sandalwood essential oil

3 drops cedar essential oil

1 drop orange oil

1 drop lemon essential oil

Add to 1/8 cup carrier oil (jojoba is best) if you plan on wearing this on yourself. 41 more words



practically I study magick
experiment upon the moon
learning how to use each gadget
shake the pouch of witches rune

writing in my journal…
36 more words

Magickal Arts

Witch's Book

On a stand in the center o the tower

Is the best kept secret of the witch world

A book of magick that has been lost… 86 more words


The Hill

2006, 15 years old

When the moon and the stars are shining down on the hill,
And the wind, and the grass, and the trees are still, 160 more words


Witchcraft is rebellion

“She does it to be rebellious” 

In my younger years, I believed those words to be of someone who merely wanted to play pretend. But now, I smile when I hear those words. 158 more words

How To Meditate When You Can't Focus

Meditation is amazing for your mental health; it helps you let go of stress, find inner peace, and escape the troubles of the world. But what happens when you simply cannot let go? 702 more words