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Eye Are

I am above you

And I am in you

I find joy in your joy

Magick riddles our chemistry

We are all one

Isn’t that the most beautiful irony?

Put the art in artifice!

I enjoy wearing a costume, and one easily recognizable as such. It’s a kind of mask, in the occult sense, a persona (or mersona)¬†I don as a way to access a deeper part of myself, one that feels at home among the murky depths of my own psyche. 481 more words


Transcendental Vectors (ii)

In our grammar can anything be anything? No. What makes a use application applicable to one thing and not another? Only the ability of the thing to be that thing. 444 more words


Witchy Weather Report: Friday's Witch

Everyday, as you’re getting ready to leave for work or hit the town with your friends or look for that perfect new job, you take stock of the general vibe of the day so you know how to approach it. 1,212 more words


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The Subtle Bodies Of The Soul

All of these bodies exist within each other, and are part of the overarching being of the entity that possesses them. Entities are made out of multiple different spiritual subtle bodies that extend over many different planes of existences, and dimensions. 1,722 more words

Wolf Of Antimony

Welcome to the Blog

Welcome. Thistle Root Diary is a compendium of my magickal field notes, strange and wonderful tales, pagan devotional practices, projects, curiosities, mysterious ephemera, etc.

Here’s a little video I made to chat about the arrival of my ancestry DNA kit, my new blog, and why I chose the name “Thistle Root Diary”.