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Sponsored Guest Blogger post coming Soon? (And the Signs that said I should try it)

Not that long ago I received an email from an interested Sponsor, who told me that they would pay me to post an article on my Blog. 313 more words


This Witch Needs Help

I was not able to donate plasma this week, which means I also don’t get to buy groceries. I am both physically disabled and mentally ill, this is a real problem for me right now and there’s no food in my house except some plain oatmeal. 53 more words


...the first time I met with death

I wasn’t doing any kind of ritual it was for me another routine day at home…alone

But as the day drifted into night for some reason things didn’t feel quite right that night… 290 more words


Black Moon Rising

Dateline – Friday, September 30, 2016: Black Moon Rising 

We are about to experience a very rare lunar phenomenon…a Black Moon. Simply stated, the Black Moon is a second New Moon in a calendar month. 489 more words



It came as a faceless form

I never felt the moon within me so strongly

A moon I just could not see

Blocking out everything else from my mind my skin began to glow my heart raced my soul melted softly… 137 more words


Old Spell Ingredient Names

Old Spell Ingredient Names

If you ever pick up very ancient books that have been passed down (I have one in my possession) then you will know the names of some of the ingredients that were again disguised by our ancestors in the burning times. 258 more words