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Day 29: Calling on the Crone

This meditation was hard. And the goddess didn’t whisper a word to me. But Hecate did appear in the cabin. She held up the mirror and I saw myself acting without fear and with strength. 23 more words


Itty Bitty Bone Bottles Uploaded!

I’ve just finished uploading an assortment of itty bitty bottle charms! The bottles are glass, none more than 1 3/4″ tall, and all are well sealed with craft epoxy- they won’t be falling apart on you! 132 more words


Day 28: Meeting the Goddess: The Crone

I definitely have the dark side of the crone here. The running joke with my coworkers is me being bitter about something and then someone saying “R’s never been bitter a day in his life.” I’m pretty much always bitter. 71 more words



Servitors: Lagasas, Ekalak, Kelen.

The word at the outer edge of the square, KELEF, derives from the Hebrew כלב (kaleb), meaning ‘dog.’ The spelling given here, with an ‘F’ as the final character reflects the soft ‘v’ pronunciation of the Hebrew letter… 1,221 more words

Abramelin Squares

Reclaim Your Magick + Power

Hello Lovelies!

Today I want to chat all about Magick – what it is, who has it,  and how to use it!

I’ve always loved the idea of having a super power; something that was unique to me and that no one else had! 876 more words