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Good morning fellow fae and magickal friends :)

I have a question about runes. If you have also used tarot – do you find that runes are similar, or do they offer some kind of different insight than tarot or oracle cards? 19 more words



gray clouds begin to take form
magick words of spell I perform
overhead black birds begin to swarm
four corners I call brew a thunderstorm ♣

Magickal Arts

Thirteen rites in thirteen days

A short and sweet one for tonight.

This is the book I’m using to explore Hedgewitchery initially.

It works for my learning style for now. 335 more words


A Note on Ethics

Frankly, what each practitioner does is his or her business. I really don’t care.  What I worry about is results, and so for that reason, this was born. 125 more words

Sea Witchery

A Long Trip Back (part 38) by CpSingleton © 2015

For what seemed like a lifetime to Fishy, no being in the elevated space, or for that matter the living hut surrounding the space, said a single word. 330 more words


Libra Blues

My horoscope says:

“You are a bit crisis prone.”

I say: “Fuck you stars!”


Spread of the Week: Tarot Spells

In this final installment of my Spread of the Week series, I’d like to take a moment to focus on the use of tarot cards in ritual as opposed to divination. 236 more words