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Magick Spells

Happiness Spell

Take three cords or strings of various, pleasing pastel colors perhaps pink, red, and green and braid them tightly together.

Firmly tie a knot near one end of the braid, thinking of your need for happiness. 1,634 more words

Holistic Therapies

The Witch's Grimoire - Jupiter Oil

Jupiter Oil

3 drops oakmoss essential oil

1 drop clove essential oil

1 drop palmarosa essential oil

Blend with 1 tablespoon carrier oil (jojoba is best!). 10 more words


Florence Walker...

Florence Walker was a beautiful and creative woman.  Everyone admired her, men and women alike.  She was fearless, took risks and lived her life on her own terms.   854 more words

Short Stories

A Curse is a Curse is a...

Last night, I came to bed and gave the hubby the option of going downstairs to sleep (he had to get up at 4:00am to go to work), or having sex with me. 373 more words


I open my book skip page three
The time has arrived to put a spell on thee

Perhaps a cursed power to hex on you… 278 more words

Magickal Arts

The Disembodied Attachment: A Cautionary Tale

I knew a woman for about three years who I’ll refer to as Tina. Tina had an entity attachment and although I never had any evidence of this fact, I always felt it instinctively. 822 more words