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Release Week Closure -- from Silver RavenWolf and Taco Cat

I’d like to thank everyone that participated in the week-long program this year.  To me, it went extremely well and the 8-day format was something I could handle both in the creation and implementation.   354 more words


Friday Musings

So today, here in Northern California, it is a blustery day.  One that reminds me of the 100 Acre Woods with blowing winds and pouring rains and puddles, and pile ups.   434 more words

The Map Is Not The Territory

The map is not the territory.

Today I unpack the premise that the world we perceive, map and subsequently project outward is not the world we think it is. 383 more words



I am the kind of person who doesn’t enjoy “wandering freely.” I like to go from Point A to Point B and onward. I want my path to be the direct one, too. 229 more words


Guerrilla Gardening: Working With The Elements

First sunny day of the year! And what a day it is to be alive.

Inspired by dutty hands i discuss the elemental world, both in relation to the planet, humans, animals but also to our psyche, our souls. 309 more words


What are we? Really?

Are we our names?
Are we our jobs?
Are we our ego’s?

What are we?

Drawing on esoterica, meditations and psychedelic experiences I discuss my thoughts on what we are, how we exist and how people are often obscured from their truth. 316 more words


The Map Is Not The Territory 2

Today i discuss the ways in which our mapping of reality are affected by myriad factors from genetics to culture to religion and politics.

I try to prise it all apart so we can clearly see how our states of mind affect our ability to navigate around obstacles that inevitably crop up on the journey. 100 more words