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Our ancestors were deeply attuned to the phases of the Moon and the stations of the Sun. Farmers once farmed by the Moon; the idea was that the “waxing” or growing Moon pulled plant energies upward, while the “waning” or decreasing Moon meant energy was moving back down towards the Earth and soil.

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10 Ways to Use Lapis Lazuli in Witchcraft

Tranquil, soothing and beautiful, lapis lazuli’s timeless mystical appeal drew the admiration of ancient royalty. Today, practitioners of crystal magick use it in a variety of ways.

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Herbs ~ Harvesting, Drying, Preserving and Storing Your Herbs.

For the heart of the medicinal herbs! Knowing how to properly harvest your medicinal herbs will increase the potency and efficacy of the preparations you create.

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Magickal Correspondences


COLOR MEANING Amber Witch skills. Purification. Ancient wisdom and knowledge. Amethyst Transition from the material world to spiritual realms. Awareness. Higher knowledge, Spiritual insight. Apple Green Healer Apricot Admiration.

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Herbal Pharmacy – 12

Terrific Toner: The tannins in witch hazel help it tone skin and tighten pores, leaving the skin cool and refreshed. It also helps kill breakout-causing bacteria.

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Lapis lazuli is a deep balancer and works especially well with the brow and throat areas. It can remove deep levels of stress and trauma from the system, although some discomfort during the clearing process may be experienced.

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