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Purification Spell Kit

Purification Spell Kit

For cleansing the Mind, Body & Spirit and new beginnings

This blend of herbs is specifically intended aid you in your spells and rituals, particularly those that involve consecration and purification. 71 more words

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Self Reflection, Healing Crystals Mini Kit

This kit is designed for individuals who seek assistance through healing crystals during a time of self reflection and soul searching

Our Self-Reflection Mini Day Kit Includes: 233 more words

Any Witch Way Occult Supply


This is one of my favorite herbs. I use it for cooking and for magickal purposes too. I grow my own year round. When not planted in my garden it is planted in a pot on my window sill. 290 more words

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A herbal tidbit about the Blackberry 

Blackberry is edible and medicinal. Used extensively by the Native American tribes, it had many other surprising uses. The leaf is more commonly used as a medicinal herb, but the root also has medicinal value. 147 more words

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General properties of sardonyx: Protection, mental clarity, spiritual grounding, courage, luck, optimism, wisdom, friendships, marriage

Color: Sardonyx may contain bands of white, brown, reddish brown, red and black. 411 more words

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