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Herb Spotlight: Tea Tree for Everything

Almost every home made disinfectant that I make includes tea tree oil, probably because it is a natural antiseptic and anti bacterial. The plant derives from Australia where Aboriginals were seen making tea out of the leaves and sailors followed suit to prevent scurvy. 323 more words

Herbal Medicine

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Great Info on one of my go to essential oils.

STEPHANIE LUCAS: “Healing Crystals and Stones are Merely Tools… You Create the Magic” — Circle of the Dolphins

My first healing stone with quantum infusion was a gift. It was freely given with a loving, generous heart and it arrived filled with glorious intentions and acceptance of my being.

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Honoring Diana Today

Honoring Diana Today

How can you honor Diana today, as a modern Pagan? There are a number of ways you can celebrate Diana in her many aspects. 183 more words

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Metaphysical Properties of Incense

The use of incense dates back to ancient times. Ancient transcripts from as far back as 1800 BC speak of the use of incense in ceremony and spiritual practice. 236 more words

Ritual Basics

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ALBERT MILLIGAN: “Gemstones – Mother Nature’s Natural Healers” — Circle of the Dolphins

Ancient healers used precious and semi-precious gemstones for healing. Today’s alternative and holistic healers continue to use gemstones to treat the mind, body, and spirit. Following are descriptions of the unique healing properties held by many of Mother Nature’s natural healers.Amethyst – Healers value amethysts for their power to focus energy and treat blood and breathing disorders.

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Pear Tree

The pear tree – scientific name Pyrus – has been grown since 1000 years BC.  It can grow up to 17 meters high and there are around 30 different species producing fruit in a variety of greens, reds, yellows and brown colors.  304 more words

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Light Brown and Bronze

 Colors for Lammas, Bronze and Light Brown

On a positive note, tan and light brown are the color of harvested wheat and grains, very much part of the Lammas sabbat. 327 more words

Magickal Correspondences