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Witchgrass is also known as dog’s grass, crouch grass and quick grass. It’s known as witchgrass because of its fuzzy panicle growing above the rest of the plant and with a pointed end a bit like a witch’s broom; as dog’s grass because sick dogs would dig up the root and eat it and quick grass because it grows quickly and is considered to be an invasive weed. 342 more words

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General properties of jasper: Protection, healing, grounding, courage, luck, strength, wisdom

Color: Jasper comes in many colors and multi-colored stones: brown, bright green, red, gray, black, purplish red, yellow, mottled, etc. 510 more words



Cats, known in ancient Egypt as the mau, played a large role in ancient Egyptian society.  They were associated with the goddesses Isis and Bast. 191 more words


Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz, a crystal associated with Samhain

General Properties of Smoky Quartz: Protection, grounding, dispels negativity, detoxifying

Color: Weak tea color to a deep mink brown… 410 more words

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The chrysanthemum is native to China – where it is known as “Ju hua” – and other far eastern countries but it is widely cultivated in many other areas of the world.  342 more words

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Rue (Ruta Graveolens) is a perennial herb which has greyish green leaves and yellow flowers and grows to around a couple of feet high. It likes dry soil and sunny, hot conditions. 410 more words

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Agate/Yellow Agate

General properties of agate: Strength, courage, truth, protection, healing, love, longevity, balance and harmony.

Color: Agates come in different colors and varieties. Many come in color bands. 454 more words

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