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A Season of Gratitude

Today, Ash Wednesday, is the beginning of the season of Lent for those of the Christian faith. My Grandmother loved this time of year. She always looked at this time as a time of giving thanks as well as a time of giving up something. 194 more words

Candle Ceremonies

Garden Magic

There are all kinds of things that you can or should use in candle ceremonies. Candles, of course, being one of them. But there are many other things that are vital to candle ceremonies. 382 more words


Mirin Dajo: Paranormal Pincussion, and Predecessor to Modern-Day Demonized Magicians...

The Dutch performer who used the stage name “Mirin Dajo” (Esperanto for “wonder”) is a bizarre case study indeed.  I recently learned about him in Xendrius’ video series on “Demon Magicians” (second video below)  This guy was able to be stabbed with all kinds of metal objects without suffering any notable physical harm.  210 more words

End Times

Organizing Your Altar

How you set up the area where you perform your candle ceremonies is important but you don’t need to get fanatical about it. You can set up something permanent in your living room or even your bedroom or use a temporary table that you take back down when the ceremony is completed. 99 more words

Candle Ceremonies

Faerie Beings - Ankou


Land of Origin: Brittany

Other Origins: Ankou is also part of the faery lore of Cornwall and Wales, and is deeply a part of Irish mythology. 399 more words