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Magikal Trees - Birch


American Birch produces a hard, heavy wood that is used in construction and for carving. European Birchwood is soft and fibrous and used mainly for firewood. 923 more words


New Release - A Fragile Peace by Lisa Williamson

Today I have a new release for you by my friend Lisa WilliamsonA Fragile Peace, is book three in the Saga of Loralil Greyfox series.  137 more words


Faerie Beings - Bean Tighe

Today’s Faerie Being is Bean Tighe (house faerie).


BEAN TIGHE (‘Woman of the House’) is an Irish HOUSE FAERIE who looks like a kindly faced old woman. 132 more words


Magikal Trees - Aspen

The mighty Aspen


The Aspen is frequently known as the “trembling Aspen” because of the way the leaves seem to constantly quiver. One of the many beliefs about this tree is that it was the wood used for Christ’s cross. 479 more words


Evercare Lint Brush Magik Pack of 3

Brush head shape is generally square and diamond shape. Square brush head can effectively clean the surface of each tooth. Diamond-shaped brush head at the end of such a square is designed to tip over, it was easier in-depth oral cavity clean. 182 more words

Grounding in Malkuth: Manifesting from Higher Realms

If the refractors of light from Tiphareth are not of a strong force, they will lose their energy before they can manifest into Malkuth. Weakened force is indicated when images of greatness are revealed in Yesod, however do not manifest into Malkuth. 131 more words