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Haurietis Aquas (48/73)

B. Its Progress Is Due to its Harmony with Doctrine

1. It Did Not Originate from a Private Revelation

96. It is enough to recall the record of that age in which the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus began to develop to understand clearly that its marvelous progress has stemmed from the fact that it agreed entirely with the nature of Christian piety, since it was a devotion of love. 74 more words

Haurietis Aquas

Bible 1 Yr – Day 198 – Against Factions

Sometimes, in our quest to mine scripture for its spiritual insights into the great mysteries, we miss the easy messages that are right before our eyes. 572 more words


Haurietis Aquas (47/73)

3. St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

95. But surely the most distinguished place among those who have fostered this most excellent type of devotion is held by St. 80 more words

Haurietis Aquas

Haurietis Aquas (46/73)

2. Forerunners of the Modern Devotion

94. But for those who wish to touch on the more significant stages of this devotion through the centuries, if we consider outward practice, there immediately occur the names of certain individuals who have won particular renown in this matter as being the advance guard of a form of piety which, privately and very gradually, had gained more and more strength in religious congregations. 84 more words

Haurietis Aquas

Haurietis Aquas (45/73)

1. It Is an Outgrowth of Devotion to Christ’s Sacred Humanity

91. But, in fact, there have always been men specially dedicated to God who, following the example of the beloved Mother of God, of the apostles and the great fathers of the Church, have practiced the devotion of thanksgiving, adoration, and love toward the most sacred human nature of Christ, and especially toward the wounds by which His body was torn when He was enduring suffering for our salvation. 166 more words

Haurietis Aquas

Haurietis Aquas (44/73)

A. This Devotion is Not Entirely New

90. We are convinced, then, that the devotion which We are fostering to the love of God and Jesus Christ for the human race, by means of the revered symbol of the pierced Heart of the crucified Redeemer, has never been altogether unknown to the piety of the faithful, although it has become more clearly known and spread in a remarkable manner throughout the Church in quite recent times. 43 more words

Haurietis Aquas

Haurietis Aquas (43/73)

Part IV: The Origin and Development of this Devotion

89. It was Our wish, venerable brethren, by this general outline, to set before you and the faithful the inner nature of the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ and the endless riches which spring from it as they are made clear by the primary source of doctrine, divine revelation. 146 more words

Haurietis Aquas