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Wrap Up: November, 2017

I don’t usually do these wrap-ups, as you may have noticed from not seeing any wrap-up posts in months. It’s for two reasons. One, I’m lazy; and two, I read a lot of books every month and writing a short review for each one is a major pain in the ass. 604 more words


Random Ramblings #2: Modern-Day Pharisees

In the modern world, we often hear people describing themselves as “liberals”, “conservative,” and others things when it comes to their political views. What is less obvious is that this kind of “labeling” is also adversely affecting the Church, and if these divisions aren’t addressed promptly, more and more people will be led astray by the wolves who disguise themselves in sheep’s clothing. 561 more words


The Silver Mask by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

The Silver Mask by Holly Black

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Silver Mask is the fourth book in the Magisterium series, which is co-written by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare. 343 more words


Review: The Silver Mask by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

So what do you do when you have the soul of the enemy of death even though you have no memory of his past life and now everyone else knows it and blames you for the death of your best friend but your innocent?  514 more words

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Who are the Real Dissenters?

It pains me to see the Church fighting herself and the lengths to which some will go to attack a faithful priest who loves the Church.


Why is This Even a Question?

But the late priest’s writings cannot be reconciled with Catholic teaching… so the warning should remain, right?