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Md. Leaders Looking To Develop Maglev Partnership, Bring Amazon HQ2 To A 'Transit Friendly' Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The city and state are put the finishing touches on the pitch to get Amazon to build its new headquarters in Baltimore. Northeast Maglev says high-speed rail may be the added incentive it needs. 281 more words


Bullet trains of China

You know what is one of the coolest thing in China. Their lightning fast bullet trains. I traveled in Maglev and Fuxing bullet train and I will share my experience of these two trains of China. 1,598 more words


Are Japan’s levitating trains the transport of the future?

In April 2015, Japan’s newest development in public transport broke the world record for high speed manned rail travel, reaching 600km/h. This train is part of tests for the future construction of a new line, due to run commercially in 2027, which will provide a quick and easy route from Tokyo to Nagoya. 348 more words


Hope for Dhaka (Part -3)

We are almost fed-up to see the current scenario of…public transportation system in Dhaka. If we do not speak up, definitely it will not be change. 1,052 more words


Surreal Dhaka. (Part - 1)

Neela wakes up from…

the bed in a fine morning at Dhaka and she is preparing to go to her class. After she reaches to the nearest bus station, within less than 5 minutes time a brand new large shining bus arrives and parks at the bus lane in front of the bus station. 451 more words


Trains! 火车!

Trains, hands down, are my favorite way of traveling China (behind hitchhiking, of course). They’re economical, and they’re more scenic than taking a plane. If you have the time to spare, hop on a train! 727 more words