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Quá cảnh 14 tiếng ở Thượng Hải

Đợt vừa rồi về Việt Nam lần đầu, mình bay China Eastern Airlines và quá cảnh ở sân bay Pudong – Thượng Hải hơn nửa ngày. 1,387 more words


Traveling to Shanghai

Some basic information you should know before you start your journey to Shanghai (if you are coming from abroad)!

If the addition of the downtown line in Singapore has already confused you, the connectivity in Shanghai itself is way more extensive (just like any other bigger city) … 813 more words


Hyperloop Is Just A Hype?

Isn’t building a Hyperloop requiring more effort than just building a Maglev train? Furthermore, Hyperloop is probably more dangerous because having an emergency exit could be rather a pointless thing to have once the pressurization within the loop is no longer working as it should. 111 more words


SCMAGLEV Project Update

On November 15, 2018 the Baltimore-Washington SCMAGLEV Project emailed announced that the “Alternatives Report” was published on the project website in the following email:

We are pleased to announce that the 

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Local Groups Work To Bring Maglev Train To Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Maglev trains in Japan literally float on magnets at speeds over 300 miles per hour and they’re still trying to get off the ground in the U.S. 214 more words


Maglev trains: why aren't we gliding home on hovering carriages?

It is lightning quick, clean, green – and expensive. But shouldn’t we think again about magnetic levitation?

For the published Guardian article go here.

Clean, green, quick and quiet; no wheels, no engines to fail; able to stop quickly and safely and glide off noiselessly on a cushion of air. 1,020 more words