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Go For a Drive

Imagine the conversation you’re having with your grandson several years from now, where you’re waxing nostalgic about a favorite car you used to own.  You’re smiling into the details, remembering how your stylish sedan hugged the open highway curves at a crisp 75 mph; how the in-dash digital receiver cranked favorite tunes via smartphone; how the feel of the steering wheel leather gave you the perfect combination of comfort and control.  737 more words


Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway - Day 3

The Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway (or Jinghu High-Speed Railway from its Chinese name) is a 1,318-kilometre (819 mi) long high-speed railway that connects two major economic zones. 147 more words


Maglev Sightseeing Sub Debuts On Blacktip Island Reefs

Blacktip Island’s new maglev bullet sub made its underwater debut Thursday afternoon. The sightseeing submarine can circle the small Caribbean island in less than an hour. 481 more words

Changing face of Indian Railways

K R Sudhaman* 

There is usually some romanticism and development associated with Indian Railways and every child particularly in rural India is filled with joy and emotion on seeing a train or engine. 1,041 more words

Maglev trains: traveling as fast as the speed of sound

With the rise of mega-cities many companies are currently fighting for the next big technological leap with public train transportation. In the future we need fast, durable and efficient transportation from city A to city B. 1,880 more words


Renewed Hope For Maglev Line Between Baltimore And D.C.

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Once considered a pie in the sky, a high speed Maglev train between Baltimore and D.C. may become a down-to-earth reality.

When President Donald Trump told the Wall Street Journal he thinks there’s a place for high speed rail to improve infrastructure, Wayne Rogers was listening. 301 more words