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All of Me

The sky looked too heavy and swirled my mind,
The murky blue shackled by every pain that we shared,
I was a child pushing myself hard as if in a nightmare, 155 more words


On everything, very little and nothing at all

In a way, this post is not about poetry at all.  And then, in some ways, it is.

Those who know me in the physical world or follow/happen upon my infrequent blog posts at this site or read my all-too-frequent social network status updates may remember that , in January 2014, I had hip replacement surgery.   505 more words


A Key Moment

Down in the hungry grasping greedy darkness,

Down to the hungry and urgent animal dark,

He was overwhelmed with the abyss of memories,

That he needed to unburden himself before the twilight… 205 more words


Dead Rose

The sky was plated in black clouds, bearded and blind,
As if it reflected of what she felt in her now dark and empty soul, 235 more words


Aged Sorrow

The fitful breeze caressed my bruised body,
And a funnel of dead leaves spun across the street,
They in fact seemed earth bound just like me, 155 more words


My Darkened Peace

The vague leaf shadows trembled in the darkened night,
The sky appeared to be plain as if dead,
The silvered moon had become a broadsword stiletto, 145 more words