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The Love in His Eyes When He Looks At You

Dearest most darling,

It is 5:50 AM, and I cannot sleep. I was awoken  by my allergies and then kept awake by my thoughts of you. 389 more words


#WordoftheDay - Magnanimity #WeLoveWords

When you love to read, you tend to love words, too.  At least we do!

Today’s word is:




The fact or condition of being magnanimous; generosity.


A Dangerous, but Necessary Thing

St. Peter Nolasco

“Praying for Humility” on Those Catholic Men, helps us understand the virtue of humility by using the teaching of St. Thomas Aquinas, Raphael Cardinal Merry del Val’s Litany of Humility, and a prayer for humility formulated from Scripture. 58 more words


What is true generosity?

Giving advice to others, although with a good intent, might not always be the right thing to do because even if we mean good to someone, it is ‘ 143 more words


Magnanimity is the Shakespearean Word of the Day (12/16/14)

Magnanimity (n.)

Magnanimity means greatness of spirit, nobleness of heart. Magnanimity is cited in William Shakespeare’s play Henry VI Part 3 (3H6 V.iv.41). The prince says to everyone, about the effect of the Queen’s words on a coward: “Infusion his breast with magnanimity” 11 more words


Respect others by counting the blessings

Respect is love in plain clothes– Frankie Byrne

 When others respect you, it is not because you possess some virtues. It is because of their generosity, their greatness.

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