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Isle of Love

The soft murmurs of love

Audible to the eager hearts

Love flows around the isle

Where two lovers reside

Away from speculations

Night skies shine brighter… 41 more words


A Moment in Life

There is one moment in life

When everything falls into perspective

A moment of epiphany

The walls disappear between the compartments

Always living according to life’s various labels… 58 more words



The virtue of being great of mind and heart.

A refusal to be petty.

Let bygones be bygones.

Put down the grudge on those that have hurt you.

Forgive and forget.

Let's hear it again for the refugee petition

I linked to this about three days ago when the petition had approximately 7,000 signatures and looked to be one of those pious aspirations that would nonetheless fall short. 175 more words

context and potential

“no sabe el rio que se llama rio…”

The river, says Pablo Neruda, doesn’t know it’s called “a river.”

Considering Neruda’s river as a metaphor for the potential of a single human life, I’ve found two messages in his poem that tug against each other; both feel true. 310 more words


A shout out to my neighbours. Day 3 - Blogging 101

My dear blogging neighbor,

To say that it is my pleasure to connect with a good number of you – the old hands and the newcomers might sound a bit blasé, but the truth still remains what it is; I am very pleased for having discovered such a well spring of dynamic and intriguing personalities in blogland. 164 more words