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Magnanimity - "Great-Souled"

My categories are fairly intuitive, but I think Magnanimity requires some explanation.

The word, magnanimous, comes from the latin “magna,” meaning great or big and “animus,” meaning soul or spirit.   243 more words


Beautiful Changes - The Plan

I am starting this blog with a rather vague goal in mind: I want to change certain aspects of myself, but I lack willpower! Hence the blog. 502 more words



Let me tell you a little about Ben, maybe it would help you understand.

He is known among his peers as Igbala, he told me the name meant Breeze, like catch me if you can – very apt. 907 more words


We Were Made For Greatness

“The ways of the Lord are not comfortable. But we were not created for comfort, but for greatness.” – Pope Benedict XVI

The day of my first college tennis match is one that I so clearly remember.  

945 more words

Fraud and Greed

The essence of fraud is getting in someone’s way, or, “blocking the path”, and then crying foul when body meets body.

“magnanimity consists in enduring tactlessness with mildness”. 63 more words

What Is Better Than Being a Victim?

Who wants to be a victim?

Well, a lot of people apparently. It’s been quite the fad. If you are concerned about falling behind on this trend, don’t worry: anyone can be a victim. 602 more words

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