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Beyond The Stars and Beneath The Mists

A Call to Honor (Written October 21, 2016)

Where are those men who once the world did gaze upon in awe?
Who battle and the valiant fight did always seem to draw. 545 more words


Week 31🌼💛

Hiii Everyone! I hope that everyone is doing well and everyone from South Africa enjoyed 2 long weekends. In between so many bakes (if you follow me on snapchat I’m sure you would have seen how busy I have been!), outings, social time and lots of family time I could not find some quiet time for myself to just relax and write my post last week and that’s why there wasn’t a weekly blog post! 1,112 more words

Week 30🌼💛

Hiii everyone! 💛 I can’t believe that I’m sitting and typing out week 30! 30 weeks of absolutely amazing cake givings. What was only supposed to be a 1 month initiative has turned into something so great that I am in awe of how far that we have come together. 956 more words

Like a Shepherd

“Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder. Help someone’s soul heal. Walk out of your house like a shepherd.”~Rumi


xoxo Kim




Just an open heart:
To love the realms of ocean,
To embrace the sky of emotions.
To unfold joy and fears,
To hug agony and tears. 64 more words

Anita Gupta

What is magnanimity? What the ancient philosophers can teach us about the deeper meaning of words, ethics, and the virtues

Keeping up with the Presidential race over that last few months, I get the pessimistic feeling that much of America and perhaps the entire Western world continues to erode in a sense of what are the virtues that are essential to upholding the freedom and liberties that we hold dear.   1,527 more words