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32. Drive-In Saturday

Our next destination was the intriguingly named Magnetic Island. It turned out that it was named so due to Captain Cook’s compass going faulty as he went past, which he attributed to the rocks on the island. 906 more words


Aunty Adder Addled my Step

Sneaky little devil almost cut my serene weekend on Magnetic Island short. Death adders are famous for not getting out of your way (even though, compared to them, you are a big lumbering monster) and for having a rather nasty bite. 83 more words


Magnetic Island, it draws you in 

Day 1

It amazes me all the time how friendly people are when you travel. Harriet was sat at breakfast on our first morning in Magnetic Island, when a guy asked her if she wanted to share a car hire with 3 other people. 942 more words



As I write I am currently on my way to Fiji, meaning that my time in Australia has sadly come to an end (for now!). It really has been the most incredible couple of months and I leave with so many wonderful memories and new friends. 862 more words


Near Death on Magnetic Island

“Are you SURE you can drive stick?” I asked my Dutch friend, Shannon for the fifth time as we climbed across the steep, dusty mountain track back to our little pink “Barbie Car” which was parked perilously on top of a mountain on the tropical paradise that is Magnetic Island, “OF COURSE, don’t you trust me?” Shannon replied with a cheeky smile on her face; how could I say to my friend that the thought of getting into a car with her driving filled me with a certain dread that I normally only feel when I consider swimming with sharks or plummeting to my early death on a bungy – That feeling that you’re sure you’ll be fine, but you know, it’s a pretty risky choice. 391 more words


Magnetic Island

It was a bit of an ordeal to get out of Airlie Beach and I was glad to see the back of it; it’s a place to go to the Whitsundays so there is not a lot to do. 258 more words



Mein “Tagestrip” nach Magnetic Island war ziemlich chaotisch. Nach einem gemeinsamen Frühstück mit Taifun, die extra wegen mir so früh aufgestanden war, ging es mit dem geliebten Premierbus los. 395 more words