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Conference trip - Magnetic Island

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Townsville to Airlie Beach

It was a gloriously sunny day when we arrived in Townsville and our first task was to find a campsite. When we stayed in Mission beach we met a lovely British couple who had hired a campervan from Mighty. 2,837 more words

Immerse yourself in Magnetic Islands seascape and native wildlife while hiking the historic forts.

The hike to the forts takes you through National Park where you are able to see Australian wildlife including koalas, wallabies and an array of native birds all in their natural habitat.   304 more words


When I was torn awake by my alarm, I was in two minds whether to get up or not. Staying in a hostel dorm there was almost an obligation to get up having probably woken my roommates up at the same time as myself. 2,410 more words


大堡礁之行(3)Magnetic Island

在Townsville的Ferry Terminal坐Sealink去Magnetic Island 只需要20分钟。Sealink双程32澳元,但在Bookme上订可以14.68澳元。当然也可以买ferry+bus或ferry+car rental的套餐。

Magnetic Island,中文磁岛,真心不知道为何白人取名为磁岛,因为跟磁石没有任何关系啊。但据说库克船长经过这里,指南针收到类似磁石的影响,但之后没有任何发现去解释这个现象。20分钟的船距,人间天堂。

这里可以徒步、游泳、浮潜,真正有种悠闲度假,远离尘嚣的感觉。这次我们主要乘坐巴士(day pass 7澳元),但巴士班次实在太少了,如果下一次来,我宁愿租车(一天50澳元左右),因为岛上真的很适合开迷你小车。


Picnic Bay:悠闲宁静,有stinger net 内可以游水。Long jetting很上镜,左边可以散散步。

Nelly Bay:主要商业集中地,但水质不如其他海湾。

Alma Bay:这是我最喜爱的海湾。水清沙幼,无风无浪,非常适合浮潜。左右两边的礁石有很多海洋生物,零难度浮潜。这里没有stinger net, 但当地人知道致命水母鲜会来这里。从这里往Nelly Bay方向可以徒步,沿路经过Geoffrey Bay,那里可以走去巨石堆(google 地图mark Rock Wallaby的地方)看Rock Wallaby。这种小袋鼠从来没见过,比一般的wallaby体型小巧很多,适应在巨石堆里进进出出。继续走,可以走Gabul Way的铁栈道,风光不错,但适合黄昏走,因为白天实在太晒了。 20 more words

东西游记-my Travel

The Lazy Tourist's Guide to Magnetic Island

Winter 2016

We catch the ferry over to Magnetic Island. Ferries run every hour and the trip only takes 20 minutes. We’re on the aft deck beside two young ambo’s and a nurse. 294 more words



Where do I even begin with this beautiful island? The beaches, hiking trails, wildlife, and the amazing people I met on this island were enough to make me never want to leave this paradise. 1,980 more words