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Magnification Viewing Guide for Telescopes

This page is meant to serve as a general guide for what you can expect at certain magnifications while using your telescope!
Know your Focal Length and Theoretical Limit… 1,854 more words

The Correct Scale for Artwork

The image above is a scan from a life drawing in pencil that I produced in 2003. This was one of several drawings that I recently had scanned professionally, because the original image size is simply too large (about 24” x 19”) for my equipment. 628 more words


The Perfect Magnify Glass

It is our differences which magnify and expose our commonalities.

Magnification Calculations

After looking at cells under a microscope you may be asked to do a few calculations.

Below is the triangle you can use for your revision with the… 57 more words


The lonely walk!

Lonely shall you walk

The baby steps you take

Shall make or break

The future you hold

Tight in your hand

Lo and behold

The breaths so sacred… 79 more words


Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder

I find beauty in the barren

For it once bore

I find beauty in a fight

For it is a sign of love

I find beauty in forsaking… 167 more words


Outlining Method: Quantum Structuralism

Imagine a child sitting on the beach, at work on a complex of sand castles, just before the tide comes in.

Think also of E.L. Doctorow, and his string of above-average books, capped by the epic City of God.  254 more words