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Amethyst in Bloom

Amethyst…a color or a mineral? Both, except the mineral doesn’t bloom, it develops. As soon as I looked at Cheryl’s flower garden awakening to Spring’s thaw, I immediately realized that several of these flowers are a particular shade of purple called amethyst. 110 more words

Nepal ? A magnificent Holiday Destination

Nepal provides a magnificent holiday. It is a fairy tale land of temples, snow capped mountains, outstanding festivals, exclusive culture, vibrant folks, towns of middle ages appeal, outstanding craft purchasing, amazing food, bewitching sights and fascinating adventure. A Nepal journey is…


हमनें अपनों को मृत्युशैय्या पर लेते देखा है,
कुछ हुए जुदा हमसे, कुछ बिछड़ गए,
हमनें आसमां से उल्का गिरते देखा है।

जल रहा हृदय आज इस दुःख में,
क्यों चले गए वो हमें छोड़कर,
मन हुआ आज फिर उदास,
कर मुझे अकेला बिछड़ गए।

नभ है आज अकेला, अपने गम को भुलाने में।
खाली खाली है ये सागर, भूखंड की कोमल बाँहों में।

कुछ सपने थे अस्तित्व में उनके,
जो कभी प्रकट हो न सके।
हुआ प्रेरित और समर्पित,
विपदाओं से जो रुक ना सके।


The amazing human body

This is so empowering….


Seeing with the brain

An article on the blog – http://www.thebestbrainpossible.com

Vision consists of your eyes detecting light and converting it to electro-chemical impulses in neurons which are then given meaning by your brain.   558 more words


One of my favorite things is seeing God show off! Seeing Him work through others in magnificent ways is beyond thrilling!

Being a part of His plan, though, is even more…well, it’s indescribable! 234 more words