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Fateful Findings (2014)

With even the worst and weirdest movies we’ve covered here, there’s usually a plot of a sort. “After Last Season”, for all its lunacy, has a beginning and an end, and sort of moves from one to the other. 2,333 more words


50 Years Difference

The Magnificent Seven is 56 years old. 3 years older than me.

It’s very interesting to see the changes and difference between two films telling the same story, fifty years apart. 1,277 more words

the object of His love

God: Magnificent. Glorious. Other. God Triune: Father, Son and Holy Spirit — in everlasting, loving relationship with one another. God; perfect, complete. Yet. He chooses to love fallen humans. 55 more words


Magnificent Seven: No Spoiler Review

Set in the wild west, a village is oppressed by an industrialist named Bartholomew Bogue (Peter Sarsgaard). When Emma Cullen’s (Haley Bennett) husband is shot dead along with other townsfolk by Bogue’s men, she looks for revenge by hiring seven outlaws, bandits, and hired guns to free them from Bogue. 524 more words


Magnificent Seven (2016) forgets the obvious

Magnificent Seven (2016) forgets the most obvious things about the Magnificent Seven.  This movie touts its connection to The Seven Samurai, and it’s pretty much the same story.   449 more words

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Guns, Horses, And Unbalanced Screen Time: Welcome Back To The Wild West!

            It’s been a while since we had a western movie, and even longer since we had a good one. This weekend hopes to break this drought, by releasing the remake to the 1960s classic the Magnificent Seven.  911 more words


The Magnificent Seven (2016)


Rarely have so many charismatic actors been used in a film that feels quite as soulless as Antoine Fuqua’s update of “The Magnificent Seven.” It’s one of those projects that should work on paper. 811 more words