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"Put the Magnifier down; You're gonna hurt someone with that thing...oh, and take them heels off while you're at it. sheesh."

It is as if I can imagine Robert Hooke gently and intricately staring down for hours at a flea, holding his magnifying scope, while holding his pinky up, and mumbling, “ahh. 402 more words

Natural Analogies And Mixed Metaphors (9/7)

High Heels and Magnifying Glasses

I found Margaret Cavendish’s thoughts on science and how it was being used in the world at the time to be very interesting. Margaret Cavendish writes “magnifying glasses are like a high heel to a short leg, which if it be made too high, it is apt to make the wearer fall, and at the best can do no more than represent exterior figures in a bigger, and so in a more deformed shape and posture than naturally they are.” In Cavendish’s writing she shares her opinion about magnifying glasses stating that they alter the way humans visually perceive nature. 278 more words


The Hauntening Character Questline - Possessed Meg

There’s a lot of pea soup appearing in my Quahog just now, which can only mean one thing. Possessed Meg’s come for a visit, and it’s not just a quick visit, she’s a permanent addition if you were lucky enough to get the Possessed Meg character costume. 217 more words

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The Hauntening Character Questline - Franken Bonnie

Its Alive!!! It’s Alive!!!

I guess with Frankenstein arriving in our games it’s only fitting his bride, Franken Bonnie, came with him, only problem is she’s got her eye on a demon hunter and is supplying us with the gasoline to kill her monster of a husband. 261 more words

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