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Hometown Aerial Jigsaw Puzzle

For Christmas, I received a 400 piece aerial map jigsaw puzzle covering an area of 1 mile north-to-south and 1.5 miles east-to-west with the center piece being in the shape of a  little house representing the corner that I live on in Lakewood, California. 269 more words

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Who Lives In The Woods? (part 2) - Eco Explorers Magnifying Life

Another wonderful adventure to the woods was certainly afoot after my Sons’ Aunt gifted these amazing eco toy magnifying glasses to them.

How adorable are these! 720 more words

Eco Life

Magnifying glasses

I made these magnifying glasses by combining an old removable lens sunglass and an old lens of a camera. I carefully removed the old sunglass lens and filed and attached the camera lens.  45 more words

Magnifying Glasses

Flea Glasses and Hidden Spaces

Imagine the excitement of using one of the world’s first magnifying glasses back in the 16th century. All those creatures and items too tiny for examination with the naked eye would have suddenly revealed some of their secrets. 285 more words

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David: Playing Mouse Trap With Light

Remember the game Mouse Trap? First you have to build the mouse trap. Once the mouse trap has is complete, players turn against each other and attempt to trap their opponents. 53 more words