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The pinky garden

This Spring, after a very cold winter, it’s a pink garden.

Garden Photography

Your Weekly Diversion, Week 41: Magnolias in Memorium

Now we arrive at Week 41, a week of fluctuating weather down here in our tropical clime, necessitating warmer clothing, including hoodies and long pants in the land of flip flops and shorts for a day or two. 305 more words


A Sustainability Review of Magnolia Market

I am guilty of being a typical American woman and being obsessed with the show Fixer Upper. I get my coffee on Sundays and sit down and flip between the Food Network and HGTV and I’ve never felt more domesticated in my life. 893 more words


Magnolia in the sun

I saw a magnolia tree flowering in a patch of sunlight and tried to capture the freeness of the flowers in the light.

Watercolour, 20 by 19cm


2008: Tulips and magnolias in March.

I took these on a cloudy morning, during the early days of my obsession with taking photos of flowers. I was still using auto settings on my camera; at the time, a Nikon D70. 132 more words


Week 11: Seasonal Showers/Inclement Weather

An end-of-the-rainy-season downpour had just ended as I pulled into the Publix parking lot. A magnolia tree was in front of my parking spot. The cluster of aging leaves in a field of shiny green magnolia leaves said “shoot me,” so I grabbed my ever-ready camera from the back seat, did a final couple of swipes of the windshield wipers and took the shot.

The Perfect Wedding for Under $7,000

I’ll be honest, I was never one of those girls who dreamed about her perfect wedding. I knew I wanted something low key and intimate, but I only really started thinking of that when I met my, now, husband. 2,244 more words