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Nature Photography: The Forecast Calls For Magnolias!

What a difference¬† a sky without clouds can make when you find yourself standing beneath a blossoming magnolia tree! That was the scenario I’m once more thankful to San Francisco’s Botanical Garden and a shifting weather pattern for creating. 221 more words


Little girls and boys

Little girls and boys

They are going to name a park for her
and restore the old metal
play ground toys
the jungle gym and wobbly bridge… 121 more words


Friends Touring San Francisco

About forty six years ago I met Alice through my Russian Baptist church friends in the Los Angeles area. She lived in San Francisco and would come down and stay with her good family friend, another Alice she was named after. 544 more words


Three Days in Charleston

FOR A CITY that has endured wars, hurricanes, fires and earthquakes, the historic architecture of Charleston, South Carolina is amazingly well-preserved (or well-restored). An old-house enthusiast like myself has plenty to see: eight major house museums, beautiful churches and public buildings, and the rice plantations in the surrounding low-country, which provided the wealth that grew the city in the 18th and 19th centuries, on the backs of enslaved Africans. 542 more words


A Little Bit Southern

Waverly Mansion, West Point, Mississippi

Catching up on some of the things I want to get done, I realized that I hadn’t finished the photos from Waverly Mansion. 193 more words


Side by Side by Season

In a BinaryEndgameBottomlineEitherOr world, it’s nice to head to the park and find beginnings living side by side with endings. At the San Francisco Botanical Garden on Saturday, you could see autumn leaves and spring buds on the same magnolia tree, and a callow calla catching light with fall color behind it.


"In cold November" / "The sure hope of spring" - Two haiku and image - The Blue House

In cold November,
Queen Magnolia keeps her
Secrets clasped in buds.

Queen Magnolia
Keeps secrets; in wind chilled buds,
The sure hope of spring.

Art Thief