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Am discutat deja despre mai multe flori decoartive până acum. Am ajuns în punctul în care discutăm despre una dintre plantele mele favorite și anume Hibiscusul.  205 more words

Floare Interioară

English Garden

Though one of the leaders of the New Perennial movement of naturalism in the garden, the late Henk Gerritsen, was also a master of highly artful interventions. 68 more words


Hedge planting

The existing hedges around the site are fairly ragged and are either very thin or even non-existant in places! Issues of security and the need to provide habitat for birds and insects etc led us to thinking about upgrading the hedges. 140 more words

What does my signature say about me? Please comment.

Above is an image of my signature. The exercise; analyze the image and write a short response about how it impresses upon you my personality traits, my values, my style ect. 10 more words


HIBISCUS :: Hawaii State Flower

The Pua Aloalo, or yellow hibiscus was designated as the official state flower of Hawai’i in 1988!


A Story For Autumn

A Story For Autumn

Author: Janice Van Cleve   

Let me tell you a story . . .

Once upon a time there was a little yellow flower petal named Dandelion. 954 more words

Daily Posts

Art for Enjoyment: September Flowers - a work in progress!

Following on from creating a textured background, I have painted flowers and foliage loosely using a hog hair paintbrush. I have used crimson, lemon yellow, cobalt blue and white acrylic to create this palette of colours. 83 more words