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Celebrated Photo Editor John G. Morris Turns 100

Robert Capa’s iconic 1944 shot of a soldier in the surf at Normandy would become one of the most celebrated pictures of the Second World War—but Capa did not act alone. 1,329 more words

Image Problems: The Prejudice of Travel Photography - George Mather

Gravely, with composure, leaning his rifle against the window, the soldier vomited into the open bag at his feet. 2,735 more words


24 Magnum Photographers React to Donald Trump's Election

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, Donald Trump was elected to be the 45th President of the United States, a prediction-defying result and one of the most extraordinary developments in recent American memory. 1,738 more words

Metaphysical Nature, 2016

Love, I’ve come to realize is not a choice. It is a chemical sensation felt through the brain and felt on every energetic level in the body. 247 more words


In Inge Morath’s photographs, Womanhood is beautiful and urgent – The Last Island

When words failed her, Inge Morath turned to photography. Born in Austria in 1923, she studied German in Berlin, eventually working as a translator and journalist there early in her career. 21 more words

Art & Design

Endre Freidmann - 'Robert Capa'

Frozen Moment – Research

As part of the exercises to the frozen moment we are asked to research a durational space. Most photographers at some point try to freeze time or at least the sense of movement within the frame. 1,483 more words

D-Day Landings