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Endre Freidmann - 'Robert Capa'

Frozen Moment – Research

As part of the exercises to the frozen moment we are asked to research a durational space. Most photographers at some point try to freeze time or at least the sense of movement within the frame. 1,483 more words

D-Day Landings

This Week In Spanish Civil War History Extra: 'Falling Soldier' by Robert Capa - 5 September 1936

“With lively step, breasting the wind, clenching their rifles, they ran down the slope covered with thick stubble. Suddenly their soaring was interrupted, a bullet whistled — a fratricidal bullet — and their blood was drunk by their native soil” – French magazine Vu 23/9/36… 1,322 more words


Artist of the moment............Josef Koudelka

Josef Koudelka is a contemporary photographer. Josef Koudelka was born in Boskovice, Czechoslovakia in the year 1935. The artist’s focus is on social rituals, death, people’s personalities and the landscape. 199 more words

Inside ISIS' Last Bastion in Libya

“They are like ghosts.” That’s how a Libyan sniper described ISIS fighters in Sirt to Lorenzo Meloni. The Italian photographer recently returned from the front in the group’s last stronghold in Libya, as pro-government forces battle for control. 450 more words

Monday Masters : Abbas

I was born a photographer” – declares Abbas in one of the interviews. You may have heard of this name before and if you haven’t, I am sure you have seen some of his images as they remain to be one of the most important photographs of the 20th Century. 457 more words


Review: Magnum Photos Present: On Migration @ Barbican Centre

Since September 2015, Magnum Photos has commissioned its photographers to document the migrant crisis across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. In what is considered the largest migration of people post-World War II, the panel discussed whether the resulting photographs are driving social change or if it is a case of compassion fatigue. 754 more words