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Teaching Art and Photography Aboard an RV

In 2011, five Magnum photographers and one writer boarded an RV for a two-week photographic road trip from Texas to California. The result was Postcard From America… 403 more words


2015.10.10   香港國際攝影節 : 今年大會請來magnum photos 其下攝影大師來港開班;

身為New Yorker 的 Richard Kalvar, 已在法國發展事業, 他從20 歲開始學習攝影, 在學校教的黑白代表高檔, 所以他所拍的全都是黑白為主, 並且也是用兆林拍攝, 他個人的風格: 個人, 優美; 在此講學中, 他以其兩本攝影集, 抽取其中部份分享, 當中包括羅馬,東京,巴黎和倫敦,在靜默的約10-15 分鐘, 在座觀眾都期待看他的作品, 有些可能三級𣎴雅奇想, 這在於攝影師當下那刻個人咸覺, 藝術從來都是主觀。 6 more words

A Photographer’s Meditation on Jet Lag

Steeped for 25 years as a self-assigning photographer and filmmaker, Chien-Chi Chang has booked quite a lengthy travel log.

A native of Taiwan, his paths have taken him to adventurous frontiers such as the China-North Korea border-where he began to follow North Korean defectors for almost a year. 574 more words

Life's a Beach

Martin Parr has been photographing beach life over many decades, documenting all aspects of this tradition including close ups of sun bathers, swimming dips and picnics in the UK as well as in countries as far apart as China, Argentina and Thailand. 25 more words


In Our Time and Upside Down Peach Cake

“The photographs here have been chosen because they reflect the mood of our eclectic times, or are heavy with significance, or are simply moving. But the reader whose eye drifts idly through this book and then sets it aside on a coffee table has not only cheated himself, he has also diminished himself” – William Manchester 347 more words