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Kochi Ma Gujarat.


Maja Ma.

Jai ShriKrishna.

If you hear this in  Kochi, you must be on Gujarati Road. There is Little Gujarat right here.

In the late 1800s, traders from Gujarat, came to Kochi and settled here. 351 more words


She Was Born For The Blue Skies

They say- “Truth is stranger than fiction”. Our life can be amazing, and difficult to believe sometimes. A lot of things happen with or without any meaning, and like the butterfly effect- a chain of events happen! 408 more words

Social Being

डांसिंग वार रियलिटी शो की शूटिंग पर ‘स्टार गेस्ट ऑफ़ द डे’ बनकर पहुंचे संगीतकार राज महाजन

  • राज ने कई प्रतिभागियों को मौके पर ही दीसौगातें और किया मोक्ष म्युज़िक के आगामी म्युज़िक विडियो में ब्रेक देनेका वादा.
  • विडियो में ब्रेक मिलने से प्रतिभागियों में उल्लास का माहौल रहा.
Raj Mahajan

Conflicts, Ideals, and Idols


The conflict in the temple of Navadurga in Marcaim has begun to attract some amount of attention. A superficial understanding suggests that the conflict revolves around the question of the future of the deity currently worshipped in the temple. 868 more words


Master Stroke!

More often than not we just sit back and wish we could play like kids. 4 days, 80 boys, A Volley ball, Few hundred supporters had the time of their lives reliving their childhood. 293 more words