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Puffed Rice Delight

Puffed Rice Delight  is very wholesome and tasty. You can make it any time of the day- as breakfast, dinner or a simple snack. The combination of the tomato and onions with the puffed rice is a perfect one. 174 more words


Solkadhi Recipes in Marathi

Recipe and Benefits of Solkadhi in Marathi

सोलकढी तयार करायची पध्दत व फायदे मराठी भाषेत
सोलकढी रेसिपी – ३ ग्लास साठी

१५ ते १६ आमसुलं 9 more words



A typical north indian desert recepie. Its commonly made as prasad during religious festivals or rituals. This recepie is made in pure cow ghee which gives a special aroma and taste to the dish. 145 more words


Alu Vadi

Alu vadi is a popular Maharashtrian dish . Its served as side dish or as a snack. Alu vadi is basically made with colacasia / taro leaves. 245 more words


Bottle Gourd Raita

This Maharashtrian bottle gourd raita is very quick and easy to make but still has a mind-blowing taste! The combination of curd, bottle guard and Indian spices is a perfect one! 220 more words


Lal Maath Bhaji.
Lal Maath/ Amaranth / chawli/ Lal Saag / Red Spinach
This red leafy veg has umpteen benefits.

Aids digestion , improves kidney function… 185 more words



Born and brought up in Maharashtra and my mother tongue being Tamil, I was brought up with a brilliant amalgamation of these beautiful cultures. In this post, I would like to talk about an iconic street food from Maharashtra – the humble vada pav or batata vadas. 377 more words