John Hagelin's "Restructuring Physics" article from 1989

Latest results from the proton decay experiment at the Super-K laboratory in Japan ruled-out the simplest GUT models seeking the unification of “strong nuclear”, “weak nuclear” and electromagnetic forces at high energies. 237 more words


Transcendental Meditation

The Beginners 

I thrive off rituals and routines. I guess it keeps me as sane as possible with the mounting anxiety that tends to haunt me in life. 1,107 more words

Flashback: 48 Years Ago The Beatles Release the White Album

It was 48 years ago today (November 22nd, 1968) that the Beatles released their 30-song self-titled double album, which was commonly known as The White Album. 1,748 more words


It's Time to Bring in the Light

It’s supposed to be crap. I mean living on planet earth was intended to be crap. When we took on the soul contract of coming to earth and the mission of assisting with it’s transformation, we were aware that conditions were very dense. 221 more words


15 Advantages of Meditation.

What you will feel when you meet a person, who looks calm, has a smile and shine on his face, no creases on his forehead, radiating some sense of peace. 763 more words


Transcendental Meditation

The term Transcendental Meditation (TM) was made famous by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1918–2008) in the late 1960s. Yogi’s diagnosis of the human problem was that humans who are part of the infinite Brahman are unaware of this fact due to our ignorance (avidya), particularly because of our emphasis placed on mundane things. 606 more words