The Supreme Awakening : Experiences of Enlightenment Throughout Time — And How You Can Cultivate Them by Craig Pearson, Ph.D.

“No matter what your religion is – no matter what nationality – no matter what walk of life – if you are a human being, get this book – read it – get inspired by it – and act upon it – right away!” - 596 more words


Slowing down.

Of space and meditation.

In yesterday’s post, I wrote about using a biofeedback device promising to explain more today.

Also yesterday, I touched on the benefits of meditation and how the video from quantum physicist John Hagelin PhD seemed so interesting. 464 more words


1.25.15 Levels of the Mind


In the early ’60’s, when I was an adolescent, the cutting edge of behavioral change was thought to be being explored by “Psychoanalysis.” This approach viewed the mind as having three fields of activity: the “Id,” , the “Ego” and the “Super-ego” . 1,256 more words

Written Words

#28 Love is in the Air | Bonded

SIZE: 8″ X 8″
TASK: infuse 108 dreary places with the scent of rose
BONDED TO: Kathryn Kages
DATE: 1/14/2015

Smelling the Roses

Ice on the windshield and temps in the teens, we are deep in the heart of winter. 193 more words

The 108 Mandalas

The Three Maharishis

by Deepak Chopra: I last sat with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi more than 10 years ago. He left an indelible impression, as he did on everyone. His extraordinary qualities are known to the world. 523 more words


How Transcendental Meditation Helped Me Find True Happiness.

Being happy is of the utmost importance. Success in anything is through happiness. ~ Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Happiness is defined in many different ways. Each one of us defines happiness as something particular to ourselves and who we believe we are. 856 more words


January 12 in history

475  Basiliscus became Byzantine Emperor, with a coronation ceremony in the Hebdomon palace in Constantinople.

1528 – Gustav I of Sweden crowned king.

1539 – Treaty of Toledo signed by King… 583 more words