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No 'balik kampung' ads for TV3 this year, writes RockyBru

Proton hits back at TV3 “smear campaign”. So you won’t see any “balik kampung” Proton commercial in TV3 this year, no thanks to the television station’s mysterious series of unflattering reporting about the national car in the past week or so, writes RockyBru. 451 more words

What if Kit Siang hijacked Tun's "800 years" Rohingya illogic?

Lim Kit Siang is only a first generation Malaysian.

His father sailed to Malaya from Tongsan and worked here in a pig farm castrating swine as well as poultry “so that they could grow faster for consumption” 1,373 more words

Mahathir Mohamad

One mountain, two tigers, writes RPK

Dr Mahathir has to be very careful with the friends he chooses. Remember once the British also made friends with Chin Peng and gang and see what happened after that. 1,032 more words

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Nothing2Hide hides PM

There are too many spins and unverified accounts of the Sukaguam event. But I think to the public it’s unimaginable how a threat can be so big that justifies the cancellation of the event. 209 more words


Adenan: Najib did more for Sarawak than Mahathir

Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem said Najib Abdul Razak has done more for Sarawak than all the previous prime ministers, “including the one who served for 22 years”. 250 more words


Step down. You’ve made a bigger mess than Badawi, says Tun Dr Mahathir

Former prime minister also says those elected are not impervious to removal before their term is out, an example being Badawi.  Free Malaysia Today Lim KayKay reports: 678 more words


Mahathir's Path

After being a preferred destination of illicit capital and cheap labor, Malaysia is becoming a role model for Asia’s illiberal democracies. Its authoritarian style of governance is particularly appealing to the governments of Asia’s poorly governed countries. 1,039 more words