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Najib belum ditangkap Interpol lagi, ek?


What do the four men below have in common besides their blue checked shirt? 58 more words

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All you Tun supporters, read this!

It’s an article by Matthias Chang who is Tun’s former political secretary.

Chang has been photographed in the European capitals with Khairuddin Abu Hassan recently making police reports against 1MDB. 53 more words

Mahathir Mohamad

Zaid Ibrahim on why oppo people must rally behind Tun

Zaid Ibrahim: “If we can forgive Anwar for the use of the ISA, for Operasi Lalang, for the Sabah IC scandal, for the sacking of judges, for Islamisation in our schools—all because Anwar is now on our side—can’t we also give Dr Mahathir an ounce of kindness?” 9 more words

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Tun supporters, ponder on this!

Tweet below by blogger otai Big Dog.

For yrs TDM privately told some us, "I cannot be seen as disagreeing with everyone". Over d weekend, he DEMONSTRATED he disagreed w himself!

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Tun: "Hubungan kaum tegang" #Bersih4

“Najib akan nafi tetapi keadaan Negara sekarang amat buruk. Hubungan kaum tegang,” kata Tun Dr Mahathir dalam tulisannya hari ini yang berjudul ‘Bersih’. 120 more words

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Tens of thousands demand the resignation of Prime Minister Najib Razak

A view of the crowd of supporters of pro-democracy group “Bersih” (Clean) gathering outside the Dataran Merdeka just before midnight in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tens of thousands joined a peaceful protest in Kuala Lumpur to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Najib Razak, bringing to the streets a political crisis over a multi-million-dollar payment made to an account under his name.