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We Are What We Think

I think it is fairly easy to believe that if a person focuses only on the negativity they see in the world, they may soon adopt a more permanently negative outlook on life. 153 more words


કોચરબ અને ગાંધી આશ્રમ

હમણાં ઓફીસના કામે કોચરબ અને ગાંધી આશ્રમની મુલાકાત લેવાનું થયું.

વર્ષોથી જે રોડ પર આવતા જતા હતા તે રોડ પરની વિશ્વભરમાં પ્રખ્યાત બે સંસ્થાઓ પહેલી વાર જોઈ જેની અમુક તસ્વીરો…



Guard yourself against the SEVEN THINGS that WILL destroy us:

1) Wealth without work.

2) Pleasure without conscience.

3) Knowledge without character.

4) Religion without sacrifice. 26 more words

Vinesh Maharaj

How Fragile We Are

Despite the distance between Manila and Paris, the series of coordinated suicidal terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of 130 innocent civilians last November 13, 2015 continues to disturb me to this day. 1,106 more words


“I am indeed a practical dreamer. … I want to convert my dreams into realities as far as possible.” 

Probably the Last Post of the Month

By the way, Happy Thanksgiving (a day late, I know).

Because of the upcoming holidays I will be unable to post as frequently as I did before. 99 more words


Dwelling With The Giant

Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world.


It’s easy to heart anyone by saying a harsh word, but it’s even more difficult to regain that person by your apologies or kind words. 

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