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Beyond Doubt.

“Being the One is just like being in love.
No one can tell you you’re in love.
You just know it,
through and through,
balls to bones.” 439 more words

The Matrix/Maya

World of Hypocrisy

In Arabian Peninsula, Yemen is being bombarded by Saudi Arabia because ruling party lost its LEGITIMATE power and no word and action is being undertaken at international level.Now, the same US and its western countries backed hypocrite coalition imposed sanctions on Syria in the year 2012. 498 more words

Arabian Peninsula

Black Lives Matter

As much as I really do feel for all the situations that have been going on, I just can’t help but think that there is a better way to channel all the anger. 87 more words

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A gradual evolve of a person with his thoughts, ideas and perceptive towards the world should be considered

People can be a little broader minded. The racial quotes which Gandhi was made (referring to the collected works of Mahatma Gandhi – only if right) during his early years of work in ‘colonial’ Africa that too he wasn’t grown into a complete man of ‘Non-violence, anti-apartheid and anti-British’. 196 more words

Gandhi Racist

Famous Photography Quote #0240

“I believe in equality for everyone, except reporters and photographers.”

Mahatma Gandhi


Gandhi's Human Touch - A Lecture by Professor Madhu Dandwate

(Very often Gandhi was considered a very stern and uncompromising individual, one who was not willing to tolerate weaknesses in himself as well as others.Some thought him to be inhuman in his quest for freedom and perfection.In his lecture Professor Dandwate gives us ample incidences whereby one realizes that there was a very humourous and humane side to Gandhi.The authenticity of the incidents enumerated by Professor Dandwante is based on the fact that they have been narrated by Gandhi’s associates and freedom activists.) 6,885 more words