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Watch video- Umeed: A drop of hope

Childhood is a beautiful feeling. A feeling which everyone wants to live over and over again. A period of joy, passion, fondness, elation, enthusiasm and excitement. 44 more words

Mahima Hasija

Unity- A drop of hope

please help us!

Don’t neglect us!

We wan to study!

help us!

trust us!

We want to reach the height of sky!

educate us ! … 22 more words

Mahima Hasija

Watch our video- Let them dream! Let them grow!

Every child deserves a care-free childhood.

They should not fear before stepping out to play.

They should be able to laugh and live freely.

They should not be abused, raped, neglected or forced. 35 more words

Mahima Hasija

Delhi University students protests for Kathua rape case

Delhi University students protests for the Kathua rape case on friday i.e 20th April,2018 in front of the Arts Faculty. We are glad that they are standing for a cause and raising their voice. 173 more words

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Watch video - countrywide protest against Kathua rape case

Entire nation protested against the Kathua rape case on April 15th, 2018. In the video we covered the protests happening on the Parliament street, New Delhi. 13 more words

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“But was it really my fault?" she asked

I was just eight years old,

What is rape? No one ever told.

Now I regret that I was born as a girl,

And its all rubbish that girls are pearls. 262 more words

Mahima Hasija

It's time to be brutal to the rapists!


Chale chalo, Chale chalo


Silence is no longer an option!

Punish the rapists!!

The above are the images of 15th April,2018 at Jantar Mantar road of the Kathua protest. 17 more words

Mahima Hasija