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Richii Mahjong Calculator(Fitbit)

Calculate your Richii Mahjong Hand Score


Kazuma Kiryu, Yakuza Series

From time to time, I play some Richii Mah Jongg but not often enough to have all the calculations in my head.

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You find long lost treasures when you move.

All the Mahjong Hands Sheets depending who I was playing with in Beijing ;-). I can add another set of sheet from… 6 more words

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My AnimEVO Online Mahjong Soul Experience

Last weekend, I participated in my first Japanese mahjong tournament in about six years through AnimEVO Online’s Mahjong Soul competition. I had spent the weeks leading up to it… 765 more words

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When you are invited to Mahjong night and you decide to up your game because you might not win any rounds but at least you’ll be stylish ;-) … 33 more words

Life In Singapore

Daily Card - 23rd July 2020

Well I thought I would go with a different card deck today, and I have been guided to use my Mah Jong deck, these are cards based in the Ancient Chinese Game, which also became used to tell ones fortunes. 402 more words

AnimEVO Online and My Return to Mahjong

It’s been about a year since I last written anything related to mahjong, and much longer since I last played on a regular basis. However, now that AnimEVO Online is planning to… 445 more words

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Waiting to pong

Mahjong tiles

“Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity”