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#83: Moving Past March

It is the end of March already, and it might be worthwhile for me to pen down a couple of thoughts about how my year has run thus far. 1,351 more words



Has anyone ever seen – or even heard of! – this movie called Cry Woman? I just read this review on eFilmCritic.com and also found a review written in Italian on… 595 more words

Mah Jongg

Saturday Afternoon Mah Jong Club

“What’s the difference between Jewish and Chinese Mah Jong?” I once asked my mother. I couldn’t tell by her answer if the games were different or just her attitude towards Chinese and Jewish people. 711 more words

Shmita Adventures

Chengdu - a 'panda' city

Panda who is deeply loved by the people all over the world especially by children has been Chinese image ambassador for a long time. Their appearances seem really simple and honest. 375 more words

The Home Show

Coalman on his round along the hutongs of Beijing. Click image for more photographs of Beijing.

Two tricycles approach each other along the valley, neither giving way. 1,389 more words


Exodus: Market, Mandarin, and Mahjong

Still suffering from jetleg, My step-mum and I woke up with the sun and decided to make a trip down to the local market in Nankan (南崁). 379 more words


Sign of the Week

On the side of a mahjong “school” out in Mongkok:

Putin doesn’t seem to like this game anymore.

Sign Of The Week