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Day 16

Day 16 prompt

– Write a poem about a board or card game. 

#bonus – It’s about mahjong. 

#uptheantebonus – The stakes are life and death. 67 more words


Everyone had fun at OCL Friends second mahjong fundraiser

Don’t walk into a mahjong tournament and expect it to be ghostly silent with only the clacking sounds of tiles being lifted then rapidly discarded if they do not fit into a person’s plan. 639 more words


Athena released one title on the Dreamcast Pro Mahjong Kiwame D. As the name implies it’s a mahjong game which i can’t play so i can’t actually recommend it. 61 more words


M is for Mahjong

There are certain sights, sounds, and smells that remind me of childhood.  The smell of autumn leaves, the taste of blue moon ice cream, the exciting flurry of a first snowfall.   427 more words

A-to-Z Challenge

20 Years of WritersCorps: You Bring Out

You Bring Out

Cathy Liang

You bring the Chinese in me

The straight long black hair

The small dark eyes

The 5’1” and slim figure in me… 147 more words


An afternoon of mahjong downtown by Black Tiger Springs. Not a bad way to while away an afternoon with friends.


#96: A Nice Long Chat

I have not been interacting with people face-to-face much, apart from the usual few I see. I don’t even consider the day-to-day conversations at work human interaction, because all we ask is, “Have you gotten that task done?” Occasionally, we rant about colleagues and superiors. 1,356 more words