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Mahler's last dance

in feebleness – created by long , steady and sour sound on the strings – Mahler visioned a dance – that brought liveliness to the feeble feeling – in the first movement of Mahler no.10 tonight – altho at the end of the first movement that imagination of dance developed into a headache sound with ringing ears – in following movements Mahler developed this dance with joy – sometimes the dance was like on tip toes – as the flute and the clarinet were saying – but gradually this joy was developed into a haunting sound – untill the bomb-like drumming hushed the orchestra into silence – the liveliness of dance was gone – the feebleness was back – the orchestra was quiet and scared by the bombs – then a beautiful flute came with sweetness that revived the orchestra back into life – after more ears ringing headaches – Mahler ended this piece in calmness – the scary bombing sound was very unexpected – I also loved the pink lake in the rose lake by Michael Tippett tonight – the rumbling rototoms sounded just like waves beating a boat and the shore – my favourite part was how this pink lake turned into such a purple colour in the end with dimming lights on the discontinuous sound on the trumpets – another moment I loved was how the drums in the back started a wave – to be continued on the thick sound on the strings – so happy to see the passionate Simon rattle with his handsome hairstyle :) – so sad that I didn’t see Mr Gareth Davies in the first piece I almost thought maybe he changed his orchestra – so happy that he showed up on the Mahler suddenly


NEWS: 200 musicians and singers bring full power of Mahler's ‘Resurrection’ symphony to Usher Hall

The full drama of Mahler’s all-embracing second symphony comes to life in performance in a way that very few recordings can hope to capture. With enlarged orchestral forces and a 140-strong choir this work is truly epic, offering up the composer’s apocalyptic vision of life, death and the hereafter. 133 more words

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