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A regional peace conference: "What the recent Washington-Israeli notion misses is that Palestinians simply do not trust their Arab brothers"

Palestinians: Why a “Regional Peace Process” Will Fail
by Khaled Abu Toameh
February 27, 2017

Here is a fundamental misapprehension: Arab countries can help achieve peace in the Middle East by persuading, or rather pressuring, the Palestinians to make concessions to Israel. 88 more words

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"The Obama Administration applied pressures only to the Israeli side, not to the Palestinians"

Trump: Palestinians Must Earn a Two State Solution
by Alan Dershowitz
February 17, 2017

President Trump raised eyebrows when he mentioned the possibility of a one state solution. 109 more words

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Hamas's Fatah and the No-State Solution

During a celebration in Ramallah marking the 52nd anniversary of the founding of his Fatah faction, Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas declared that 2017 will be the “year of international recognition of the State of Palestine.” Hailing the recent anti-settlement UN Security Council resolution 2334, Abbas said he was prepared to work with the new administration of Donald Trump “to achieve peace in the region.” 247 more words


Trump and Palestine – so what now?

Before Donald Trump’s inauguration, it was a safe bet to assume that his administration’s approach to Israel and the Palestinians would either be one of relative neglect, or serve as a boost to the far-right Israeli nationalists who seek annexation of all or parts of the West Bank. 1,653 more words


WATCH: Small Palestinian Boy Learns to be a Terrorist

The PA continues to incite terror and “martyrdom,” beginning with the education of children.

Twice this month, Palestinian Authority TV’s children’s program, The Best Home, 86 more words


"Very soon, we will find ourselves with a Hamas-led government in the West Bank"

Outgoing prosecutor: Intelligence shows Hamas will takeover West Bank post-Abbas
by Yonah Jeremy Robb
February 3, 2017

…Based on this intelligence, Lt.-Col. Hirsch, the newly retired chief West Bank prosecutor, is convinced that the area will become the next Hamastan once Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas dies…”I think the basic understanding is that the Fatah-run West Bank will not last for very long… once Mahmoud Abbas passes on. 49 more words

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BBC corrects 'angel of peace' claim after two complaints

Last month we noted that a BBC News website article promoted inaccurate information which the BBC itself had already clarified twenty months earlier.

“The consequence of that failure to clarify inaccurate information in a timely manner to both BBC audiences and BBC staff was apparent in a report which appeared on the BBC News website on January 14th 2017 under the title “ 191 more words