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Assalamua’laikum….ustadz… sy mau tanya apa boleh seorang istri pergi dgn rombongan teman2 tanpa suami utk menginap dan rekreasi. Tapi suaminya mengijinkan. Syukron
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Tanya Jawab

Adoption and breastfeeding through medication

Adoption and breastfeeding through medication


If a married woman who has no children takes medication for breastfeeding an adopted new born baby, will ḥurmat be established between the baby and the couple? 185 more words


Is Mahram a condition of Hajj being obligatory or a condition of performance

Is Maḥram a condition of Hajj being obligatory or a condition of performance?


A woman has enough money to go for Hajj but is unable to travel as she does not have a Maḥram who can accompany her. 261 more words


Being Alone In A Car With A Non-Mahram Is Forbidden

Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Ibraheem Aal-Shaykh says:

“There is no doubt that a woman being alone with a taxi man in his taxi is unlawful. No doubt he will befriend her, which would lead to corruption especially if she is a very shy modest person. 83 more words

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What is a Mahram?

Happy beautiful rainy day everyone! Well at least in my corner of the world I can sit and write this in my cozy robe while listening to the rain pouring outside… 1,226 more words


My father. Part 2

My father – part 2

My mahram

He was my main mahram. A mahram is for a  woman a male who is so closely related to him you are forever forbidden to marry him and engage in sexual relations. 865 more words

Mahram Kita ?

🌹 Sahabat Rasyid. . .

🕌 Insyaa Allah sebentar lagi Idul Fitri yaa.. 🕌
Nah mau lebaran, kita harus hati-hati nih sama urusan salam-salaman.
*Kamu harus paham siapa aja yg bukan mahrammu yg kamu GA BOLEH BERSENTUHAN ATAU BERSALAMAN dengan mereka.* 299 more words