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Women Traveling by Airplane

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Are one's grandparents' siblings mahram?

Q) Can a woman uncover in front of her father’s mother’s brother?.

A) Praise be to Allaah.  

The brother of your grandmother on your father’s side is the maternal uncle of your father, and a man’s maternal uncle is regarded as a maternal uncle for all his descendants. 308 more words

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Cantikku Hanya Untuk Suamiku - Reblog

My Beauty is Only for My Husband to See, Not The World.. – http://wp.me/p1xaUT-3qG

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Catatan Mudik Seorang Ummahat


Mudik adalah moment yang ditunggu-tunggu oleh semua orang rantau. Begitupun dengan kami, mudik lebaran ini adalah mudik ke-2 kami dari ibukota.
Sama seperti pemudik-pemudik lain kami sudah berburu tiket jauh-jauh hari dan alhamdulillah bisa pulang di H-7 jadi masih terasa santai. 553 more words


Keeping Away From The Indecent Mahram

Question posed to Shaykh ‘Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy upon him):

We know that the paternal uncle of the woman is from the Mahaarim (non-marriageable male relatives), those whom it’s permissible for her to uncover in front of. 359 more words


Is travelling without Mahram permissible according to Imam Shafi'ee?


Is it true that according to the Shafi’ee school of thought, it is permissible for a woman to travel without a Mahram or a husband so long as she travels with a group of women and it is safe to do so? 790 more words